Monday, December 18, 2006

We've been up to bunches!

We have been partying like crazy around our house! The past few weeks have been pretty constant with tons of fun!!

Two weeks ago we had a reindeer run at school. Malaya had so much fun! She made it around the "path" 5 times! I was very proud of her. I attempted to walk with her but I thought my little friend and I were going to get trampled so we chose to sit on the sidelines and cheer on her and her class.

A few days after that we went to Nordstrom's Breakfast With Santa with our friends Stephanie and Rainey. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who has never been. There were probably 100-150 there. They open up the whole store for ticket holders only. The tickets were very cheap!! We ate a yummy breakfast of french toast, eggs, sausage, fruit and a few other things and any juice imaginable. While we ate, magicians came around to each table and there were elves walking around on stilts. After breakfast you got free pictures with Santa ( no line I might add). Though Malaya informed me this year that she was too big to still sit on Santa's lap. I informed her that she has at least 6 more years she must still do this. No questions asked!! :) There was a station that the kids could write a letter to Santa. (Malaya already got a return letter from Santa.) There was face-painting. And a goodie bag for all the children with lots of fun crafts in it. I was very impressed!

This past week I took Malaya out of school for a day and we made a fast trip to Houston to see the Rockettes! My mother in law asked for her 50th birthday present to take all the girls in the family to see them. We had a blast!! Malaya and I both LOVED the Rockettes. Their show is spectacular! And of course, Malaya was in heaven getting to spend time with her cousins who she adores!!
From left to right is obviously Malaya :), Alyssa and Baby Katlyn (isn't she precious; everytime I look at her I amazed at God's miraculous way to heal!) and her big sister Alyssa (Malaya LOVES her!! ) They are both Dina's (David's sister ) daughters. Next is Chloe (Jon's daughter). And then Annette, Dina's middle daughter!
We had to wait a while to get in the doors so we were playing lots of games to keep these ancy girls occupied!

We headed back to Keller after we had dinner at an amazingly, nice restaurant that I can not remember the name of :)!
I came back home and began to clean, clean, clean and bake, bake, bake!! We had our KidStand staff over for a Christmas party last night! We had such a good time! I made 4 appetizers and 3 desserts!! I don't mean to brag but anyone who knows me very well knows that this does not come out of Jenny B very often! David make fajitas and his famous salsa! He was such a great help this weekend! I could not have done it without him. He made (what seems like) 6 trips to the store for me:) Malaya loved entertaining! God has blessed KidStand this past year. David lead us in a challenge for 2007 and we had a time of prayer over KidStand! It was so much fun!
We just recently got the contract to be in charge of the whole kid's area at Celebrate Freedom!! Our theme is beach party!! Mark your calendars and come see us on June 29 and 30. Celebrate Freedom has teamed up with the Luis Palau Festivals so it will now be a 2 day event!! We are so excited and we are in full planning mode! We are also having a fundraising dinner at Texas Motor Speedway in March. We have got some potential, maj. celebrities. I will post more on that when we have confirmation!! I am very excited! So there is all the KidStand updates!!:)
Tomorrow is Malaya's school party so I must go work on that stuff but...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Being that my blogging time has dimished I will post more next week!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving continued...

They are working!! I will try to keep adding but here is some more highlights!:)

6. ONE of my favorite parts of the past few days was getting to spend time with Jed. I even got to spend a couple of hours alone with him on Friday while Jenn went out for a bit. We had a great time.

7. I also loved getting to hang out with my brothers and SIL's. My SIL's are such wonderful women. They are kind, compasstionate women. My brothers could not have chosen better life partners. My brothers always keep me laughing! I was attacked a few times with some tickling monsters. And we even brought back old memories of a game we used to play when we were traveling. We would take turns putting our heads behind each others backs and we would push on each other's head until we the person surrendered. We used to think it was the greatest game but as adults we realized that it really hurts. No comments please about that being what is wrong with us Ross kids:) Here is a pic of my brother Jonathan proving he is still the baby of the family!

8. Jed is being introduced to baby foods. When I kept him on Friday I was feeding him and I could not stop laughing at his funny faces! This wasn't the funniest but it still made me laugh!
9. Malaya was WIPED by the end of the week. We were sitting around talking REALLY late one night and Malaya just could not go any more! She found her perfect spot in Grammy's lap where blissful peace is experienced! :) She has been asleep the past two nights by 8:00!

10. On Saturday we got down and dirty with Christmas decor!! Malaya and I turned up some Christmas CD's VERY loud and went to work. I made my FIRST Christmas wreath EVER! Though it needs some work, I was excited that I tried something new, which is not very often for me. Today we went back to Mom and Dad's and David helped my dad hang up their Christmas lights. Malaya and I helped in the house with Mom though I did take about an hour break to nap:) I enjoyed spending time with my Mom this past week too. She did such a great job cooking delicious food. She prepared quite a spread. We will be eating on the food for weeks to come! She works so hard for our family. She is a wonderful Matriarch!

11. I bought Malaya a little tree for her room which she is very proud of.

12. David is hanging Chirstmas lights on people's houses for a side job this season. He did this last year also. Both years I have waited to get that phone call that he has fallen off a roof or been injured! It happened yesterday! Though he did not call...When he walked in the house last night after work, I saw a face covered in blood. He had fallen off an 8 foot ladder. He has a scraped up cheek and very swollen eye. It could have been much worse. My "dare devil husband" has no fear. I am grateful for his hard work to provide for our family and I will be excited when Christmas tree lights are all hung up on all houses within a 30 mile radius!

13. Malaya reminded me earlier that I have never posted a pic of Princess so I just took one of our black lab pet. She has been a great pet. Though her tail is a weapon of mass destruction and knocks over anything that gets in it's way! We love her!

I am so excited about this upcoming season!! I have made a vow to try some more new crafty things and to do a lot of attempted baking this season! I am going to attempt to be as healthy as possible being that my doc keeps close tabs on my diet:) I borrowed a few cookbooks and craft ideas from my Mom. I can't wait to get started!! Last night as we were saying our prayers together I had to remind myself and Malaya about what this season is truly about. I so easily get caught up in all this fun, seasonal stuff that I too easily forget about what it must have been like for God to make the decision to send his precious son down to this earth and to know from the get go what Jesus's purpose and goal was! I hope God will teach me ways this season to refocus and be remind me and my famiy about what and why we celebrate!! Happy Holidays to you all!!

Thanksgiving 2006!

Well, we have had a great last few days! We enjoyed being together. Here is some highlights!
1) Here is a picture of the whole Ross clan. We are growing!! Jed was our wonderful, miraculous miracle this year! And Ross the Boss Junior is on his/her way! Kayci is a beautiful mother to be! And of course, Josh can not wait to be a daddy!
2. As you can see, Mom and Dad made another new addition, Molly, a long-haired chihua (sp?). She is Malaya's new toy! The dog as been held and pulled in every way imaginable!
3. We had a huge blessing!! Right to the last minute, we were not sure if my grandparents, B and Papa were going to be able to come. Jonathan and Jenn brought them up. And it was so good to have them there! We had some late night talks and they have found a house in Decatur that they LOVE!! They have put a bid on the house. Hopefully we will get them up here very soon!

4. Malaya's favorite part of the day was getting to play with her cousin, Tabitha who she adores!! Tabby and I have always been very close. David and I kept for a week after we had only been married 2 weeks. She slept right on the middle of us! She was about to start Kinder. Now she is in 7th grade and is a wonderful example and friend to Malaya. It is neat the way God cycles His blessings through generations!

5. It was also great to spend time with my other 2 cousins. Tiffany is a Junior and A&M and Hutt is a senior in high school and is hoping to go there on a baseball scholarship!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things Malaya and I love about Thanksgiving:
1) Giving thanks
2) eating pie
3) the food
4) watching girlie movies (American girl movies, Cutting Edge, Sabrina, these seem to always make it out during the holidays)
5) spending time with family
6) listening to the men yell at the tv over football
7) no school
8) being at the table with full plates of delicious, "hard worked on" food and having to wait to eat it while the generations before me take a BIZAILLION pictures
9) playing with cousins, Tabitha, Hutt, Tiffany, Jed, Alyssa, Marky, Annette, Chloe, Katlyn, and the list is growing!
10) playing with nieces and nephews :)
11) playing games
12) playing "Mofia"; The Biz's are addicted to this game. We are all quite good! That may not be a good thing:)
13) Loving each other.

We can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

13 things I love about kids:
1. Their laughter and the way they make me laugh:)
2. Their genuine hugs and kisses
3. Their innocence/purity
4. Their dependency
5. Their quickness to forgive
6. Their quickness to love and to love unconditionally
7. Their toughness
8. Their endurance/perseverence
9. The way that ANY spritual question has the answer of "JESUS"!! Isn't that really the answer to all things!!
10. Their eagerness to learn and be challenged.
11. Their willingness to try new things and be adventurous.
12. Their "radar"/sixth sense to know what people are truly about.
13. The unexplainable way they just simply make my heart melt!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Blogger

Okay, I am a bad blogger! I have such fun things to blog about but my pics won't work. Hopefully I will have them ready to go for Thursday!
Papa is back in the hospital. Please say a prayer for him and my grandmother.

Just wanted to say hi to the blog world! I must go to bed. I have been cutting out Flat Stanley's tonight. If you have ever worked in a public school you know what that little thing is! We did it in Kinder too!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

13 Updates From the Biz's

I will try and be creative next week and think of something more interesting. :) But for now you are left with some family updates!
1. My detox was over Monday!! :) I really can not believe I did it! I could not have done it without divine intervention. It was such a blessing to have my sister in law do it with me. We were in prayer for each other and knew what each other's battle was. The even weirder thing is that I have had veggies for lunch the past 3 days. I have actually WANTED them!!
2. To fill some readers in---I went to see a holistic doctor. She is also a Christian! I loved visiting with her. She is passionate about getting her patients to their utmost health potential. She immediately put me on a fruit/veggie diet for 21 days. On day 11 I could add in 4 oz. of meat, 2 times a day. My main goal in seeing her was to get my body more healthy. And of course, another reason was to make another attempt to see why my womb remains closed. I also was doing saliva testing every 3 days to test hormones. I got those mailed off and I should have the results of those in a few weeks. We shall see... No high hopes on this end. Been there, done that, results in depression and major lack of motivation.
3. The first night of the detox I was having such bad reactions to lack of caffeine and my blood sugar plummented I passed out in the bathroom floor. Hubbie was not home so Malaya called her dad and grammy. She did a great job of handling it. I could hear her and what she was doing, I just could not respond. I just felt like it was a dream. David returned home quickly, got some Advil down me and sipped some Coke and was up and about after about an hour of laying there. Advice for future detoxers--SLOWLY WEEN yourself off the caffeine. Cold turkey is not real good for the body:)
4. My Papa is doing really well!! He just keeps us on a roller coaster! They have their house on the market and are hoping to move to Decatur with my parents ASAP! They are a little sad about that b/c they have so much history in East Texas but they need to be closer to Mom so that she can take care of them. And selfishly I am excited to have more babysitters!!:)
5. KidStand is going really well. Jessie just returned from Africa where she visited many schools and night shelters in Uganda. Thousands of kids and adults heard the message of Jessie through her and the group she was with. She taught the kids some of the songs off her CD, Pump Up the Praise and she dressed up as her characters and the African children loved that! She has some amazing stories. We will be in Houston on November 12th for a concert! I am looking forward to that. We had a meeting a few nights ago and the KidStand team is building. We all went away from the meeting so pumped and excited about the future of this ministry!
6. Malaya is such a great reader. She really has a passion for reading. She is also quite an artist. She LOVES to draw and paint. I really see her gifts beginning to be developed and see where her niches are.
7. Malaya is taking gymnastics at Texas Tumblers. She has really improved with her skills. The last few weeks, on nights David is home, our living room becomes a gym. They do stunts, practice cartwheels, backbends, flips, etc. I attempt skills occasionally. Why can I not do a backbend and Malaya can. I truly cannot get my head off the ground. David just stared at me and said, "Are you kidding?" At first I thought this might hurt my feelings but then I could not stop laughing! Oh well. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't. :) It is neat seeing them have so much fun together and it brings my heart joy to see them have such a special bond.
8. Malaya is quite the dancer too! As she always has been. But she really has special rhythm. Last Friday night we had on the new gospel network channel, which is amazing by the way. They had Christian videos on for 3 hours straight. We took turns with each video making up choreography. She was really good and serious about her skills. She really impressed me by her moves. I on the other hand....well....:):)
Sometimes in church she will get to going and I have to gently put my hand on her shoulder to calm her down a bit. Why do I feel the need to do that? Another topic, for another day:)
9. Business is going well. Still making LOTS of transitions as a family. There have been some tough times but we have to start each day fresh and be resilient. David has hired 2 new workers so that has helped so that he can be more of a supervisor and not the actual labor guy. We are just praying for steady business, especially with the holidays approaching or family members may be receiving candy bars for Christmas:)
10. I am finding joy in my day to day life. I love the activity that comes my way each day. God has been so good to give me gifts of His love every day through people, opportunities, and activity. Surprisingly I have found joy in victory over my sin. A couple of years ago I started praying that God would make me aware of the sin in my heart. He has been constantly, faithful to do so. ;) The ugliness is ugly and He still redeems me and loves me so perfectly. Absolutely astounding to me!
11. Malaya just came in to me and told me that she did something today that would "not have made God happy". She told me what it was, which was not a big deal at all. But she was broken hearted over it. I love her sensitivity but yet she still has such a boldness and confidence about her that is an example to me. I pray that God sustains that in her...
12. I find myself pleading with God for Malaya's purity of body and her spirit. Our world has already begun to strip her of it and truly prayer is the only weapon I have to fight frustrating and overwhelming at times but I am also very grateful that we have the option of prayer.
13. God has been stirring in me for quite a while now about some changes I need to make in my life. When am I going to choose to be obedient? Why am I such a stubborn soul?

Until next week... or maybe I will actually blog before next Thursday??!! Love to ya'!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen Random Thoughts!

1. These pasts few days I have become obsessed with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I had never seen them before and really was never quite interested in them AT ALL. My sister in law talked me into watching the first one and after 10 minutes I was addicted and I have stayed up the last 3 nights till 2 and 3 am to watch them!!
2. I plan on staying up tonight watching the behind the scenes of Lord of the Rings!! I won't give my opinion of these movies but if you haven't seen them I really recommend them!!
3. Malaya, Mom and Dad enjoyed a day at the fair today. I chose to back out this year b/c of lack of being able to eat ANY of the delicious, sinful food there!
4. I have 4 AMAZING sister in laws. David's youngest sister came to stay the weekend with us and I loved hanging out with her. I got to spend 3 days with David's other sister. She challenges me and her conversation focuses on God. I got to eat a dinner with another SIL and loved watching her mother and wife my brother and nephew. She is a beautiful woman. I missed getting to see 4th SIL but I love her very much and can't wait to hold the Ross baby that she is carrying!
5. Both of David's sisters have gone through this "Detoxing" thing with me! I am so grateful for their committment, accountability and dedication.
6. Speaking of this detoxing thing, I have grown to really enjoy eating squash and zucchini. I have not developed a taste for eggplant or mushrooms. I just can't bring myself to enjoy them.
7. Baby Katlyn is almost 4 months old and is precious! It still amazes me to see her now! She is beautiful!
8. Baby Jed is 4 months old!! He has developed some thickness to him and I love it!! He is so cute! He loves staring at his Mom and Dad. And he is rolling over and starting to scoot!
9. My CD player in my truck has been out for a few months now and I am really missing my CD's. I really need to take it in to get fixed. Just need to make it a higher priority.
10. It has been funny listening to Terrell Owens defend their loss to the Eagles. Poor guy!
11. I love the crisp weather outside tonight. It is so nice and refreshing!
12. Malaya LOVES to read. She is reading chapter books. We love to play school together! She loves spending time with her cousins! She loves cuddling up with her daddy. She loves giving her uncles a hard time. She is a joy to watch grow.
13. Did I mention that Lord of the Rings is awesome!!!!! :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thirteen Things I Loved About Our Trip to Glen Rose!

First off----My Papa goes home tomorrow!! To think, a week ago, we weren't sure if was going to make it through the day! Praise God!!

Now for my list:
1. Getting to be with my 2 most favorite people in the whole world!!
2. Getting to stay in a fun cabin/bed and breakfast with them!
3. Getting to go to Fossil Rim Wildlife with them! This was such an amazing experience!! I HIGHLY recommend this for your family! It is pricey but SOOOO worth it!

As you can see the animals get right into your car with you:) Malaya thinks these pics of me are so funny! David and Malaya were much more "friendly" on their side. I was a little more apprehensive especially when the animals are so close to your face they could kiss you!

4.Going hiking and biking in Dinosaur Valley. We had so much fun! We have determined we want to try to more of a nature family:) We loved it!

5. In the back yard of our cabin we had a 1/4 mile walking trail with dinosaur replicas everywhere. We walked this at least a hundred times. Here are some pics--

6. A Christian couple owns this set of cabins and she makes breakfast for all the guests each morning. First morning we had quiche and fresh fruit and fresh orange juice. The second morning we had a breakfast cinnamon cake and a breakfast casserole. It was so yummy. She also had gifts each morning for Malaya. One was the mask you can see in the above pics, which we all enjoyed:)

7. We enjoyed so much just getting away and relaxing.

Not quite sure who needed to relax most:)

8. Malaya and David wrote out a worship service for us to do Sunday morning. Malaya designated herself as the worship leader (don't worry, we won't let her do it any more after she is 10:). David was the preacher and I filled in when needed with prayers and communion thoughts and family announcements. We worshipped in the garden behind our cabin.

Here is Malaya leading us in worship!

We used crackers left from dinner the night before and purple Gatorade represented Jesus' blood. Hey, it's the thought, right:)

9. It was so amazing getting to see hundreds of REAL dinosaur tracks in the river bed. The water was very low so God gave us a great gift and we were able to walk and follow the paths of several dinosaurs. We followed their dragged tail tracks. It was just so amazing to imagine ourselves walking RIGHT WHERE DINOSAURS walked! This was really cool!

10. Watching Malaya and David climb some really steep walls of some of the hills! It freaked me out but they had a blast, the little dare devils!

11. Getting to snuggle as a family at night!

12. Not watching any tv. We played gamed and worked puzzles. Our cabin had an old record player with records. So at night we played those and danced. Malaya is a really good dancer in case you didn't know:)

13. MY FAV thing of the whole trip was on Sunday afternoon! We decided to go hike the biggest mountain. 3 miles!! We talked, sang songs, encouraged each other to keep going, helped each other up and down tough parts! It was great! And the best part was when we got to the very top of this hill it started to POUR rain. I don't just mean sprinkle. I mean POUR!! It was beautiful. I had never experienced something so wonderful but it did make things extra slippery! We tried to pick up the speed a bit b/c of the rain. We got to a cliff that was a straight drop down that we had to climb down. David got Malaya down safely and he was telling me step by step where to put my feet, my hands, my rear, etc. I missed one of the footings and slipped and fell quite a ways onto my rear and scraped up my back and rear. I only stopped b/c David caught me. I was scared at first and then started dying laughing as the rain poured over us. I really don't know why I found such joy in that fall. Maybe b/c I have painful reminders of our great time. But it was so great. To hear Malaya's sweet giggle as the rain just drenched down her face. Or seeing David look so hot and sexy all soaked :). I don't know, it was just fun!! We did make it down after a couple of hours and we were soaked!!

We got back to the truck. Put on dry clothes in the truck. Drove out of the park. And drove straight to the best place you can after a good hard day of hiking--Subway. And then got home right in time for bed!

It was a weekend I will never forget! I feel like I have left out so many great details! Oh well! It was refreshing in many ways and such a blessing for all 3 of us!! Maybe there will be more Bizaillion hiking stories to come!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Update on Papa

Thanks again blogfriends for your prayers for Papa! What a miracle in him this weekend! On Friday, we were told at one point that he had kidney failure,was in ICU with cong. heart failure and a few other "not so hopeful" things. Today he is off his ventilator, kidneys are fine, no fever and in a normal room!! I am so grateful that he is doing well! The docs do think he had a slight heart attack and we are waiting for results about that. I can't wait to give him a huge hug myself!! Thanks so much for lifting him up to the Lord!!

On a much lighter note--we just had the greatest weekend EVER!! We have never been on a trip (vacation that is, okay maybe mini vacation) just the three of us! We had such a fabulous time!!!!!! We went to Glen Rose for the weekend. We had such a great time just being together in nature and enjoying creation/rain:) We were relaxed and revived in many ways. I feel like I am thanking David with every breath! I can not wait to give details and show pics but that will have to come tomorrow!! I can not wait to share our trip with you!
Hope your weekend was good!

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Papa

Will you please lift some prayers up for my Papa today? I got a call from my Mom about 8:30 this morning that they were calling an ambulance to come get him. About an hour after that, they lifeflighted him to Tyler where he would have better care. They have determined that he has pnemonia (sp?) and he is running a temperature. His blood pressure is 80/50! (Which he always has bad blood pressure.)
He is coherent now and is joking with the doctors and nurses. I am sure he has found someone to talk politics with:)
Please pray that he will be stabalized.
My Papa is a very special man. Us kids spent most of our summers at B and Papa's house. The majority of our childhood memories have them in it. He is a man full of wit and a devoted love for God.
Just please pray for him.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thirteen things that make me laugh!

Okay, so my creative brain is dead so here goes...
Thirteen things that make me laugh: (in a very random order!!)

1) Malaya's giggle (It is just so cute! I love her belly laugh!)
2) David's silly jokes (you just got to laugh sometimes)
3) A good Wayan brothers interview or acting.
4) The movies Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers (I roll everytime I see these movies!)
5) When my grand mother clips my grandfathers toe nails and Malaya gets so giggled as the nails fly threw the air.
6) A baby giggling!
7) My brother Josh! He just cracks me up with his impressions, his humor, his "Amy" role, and so many other things. He is just a funny guy!
8) My brother Jonathan! He has the funniest wit. He cracks me up even though I am the front of most of his jokes. He just cracks me up!!
9) When people get hurt. Okay, I inherited this from my mother. Serious injuries are NOT funny!! But.... every once in a while a good fall or slip or bumping into things is just funny. I can share a million family and friends stories here but I will refrain:)
10) Hearing stories about funny things kids do! They just make me giggle!
11) Morning talk radio can get a pretty good belly roll out of me:)
12) Listening to family and friends laugh. Sometimes you have no choice but just to join in.
And lastly...13) the person I laugh at the most is myself!! Sometimes I will think a thought or do something really stupid and just die laughing at myself!! I just amaze myself at the silly things I think, say, and do.
Sometimes you just got to laugh. Now, finish reading your other blogs that will have much more meaningful content:)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen and a Fun Surprise!

First thing's first!!! We have another cousin on the way!! My middle bro and sister in law are expecting their first baby in May!! They will be such great parents!! I can not wait to share some more auntie love!! Congrats to Josh and Kayci and little baby "Boss"!! Love you already!

My 13 most favorite tv shows/movies when I was growing up:
1. Reading Rainbow - It was really good when it first came out.

2. Little House on the Prairie

3. Jem - I know there are other fans out there for this one!

4. Dukes of Hazzard - Friday nights spending the night at my great-g-parents we would watch Dukes, then Falcon Crest, then 20/20 (and sometimes Dallas).

5. Saved by the Bell - Yes, I was one of the millions of little girls that was going to marry Zack. I did cry though when Zack and Kelly broke up.

6. Happy Days and later Joni Loves Chachi

7. Speed Racer

8. The Cosby Show (I think we have seen every episode. Every Thursday night after brothers baseball we would go to Mr. Gatti's with friends and watch it on the big screen.)

Movies I liked to watch with Mom

9. Kramer vs. Kramer

10. Rock in Roll Mom (We watched this so many times!!)

11. All the Beach Party movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette ??? (don't know how to spell her last name)

12. Adam ( when our country went on high alert about kidnappings this movie was very popular)

13. Jaws ( I know a little rough, but I was very fascinated with sharks for a stage of my life. After I watched the movies though I was terrified to take a bath, thinking that a great white would somehow squeeze it's huge body through the pipes and into my bath water. So weird!! :)

That just made me want to look up the Beach Party movies on Netflix and make David watch them with me. Please, do not warn him, I will surprise him!! :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen jobs/careers I have had or dreamed of having:


1) Secretary at corporate office of Action Rent to Own. LOVED this job. I saved up my money to buy my first car, a white Chevy Cavalier. I made tons of great friends and those women shared in a very important part of my life! Due to desiring to murder one of my brothers ex-girlfriends who worked there I chose to quit this job. I should probably repent of this...;)

2) Worked in the library of Amberton University for 2 summers. A little boring but it was good.

3) Worked in the ACU library. Greatest job ever. Those people walked with me as I got engaged, married and found out I was having Malaya!! They will always be special people in my life. I loved the late night shifts working with a great lifetime friend. I loved getting to see everybody. My fav was when my cutie husband would come in and bring me a snack or dinner. I was really obsessive about shelving books. In fact, one summer I volunteered to reshelf the whole library and loved every minute of it!! :)

4) Worked at Mesquite dayschool as nursery person, PE teacher (I know my family is cracking up right now! Stop it!! ) and the coordinators assistant! Great job and Malaya loved it.

5)Southlake preschool as nursery teacher!! Oh, how I loved those babies and watching them grow throughout those 2 years.

Jobs I have dreamed of having:

6)Being a mom was always first and foremost. On all my elementary school papers they would ask "What do you want to be when you grow up." I always put, "A Mom, just like my Mom." This dream came true on April 10, 2000.

7) I then always dreamed of being a teacher but my plan was to do that after my kids were in school. Well, obviously I didn't finish college (I know some of you are cringing...) and really don't desire to go back to school at this time so I don't see this one happening any time soon. I was a few hours away from having my degree in Elem. Ed.

8) I also dreamed of being a marine biologist. I LOVE ocean animals. One of my fav places is Sea World!! But I realized that I probably needed to be able to swim without holding my nose so this was put on the back burner:) (My brothers are so laughing at me right now!)

9) I dreamed of being a child's psychologist but WAY too much school for this one!

10) I would love to go back to working in a library some day! I love shelving books, checking in and books, etc. I also love the quiet, I know I am weird!

11) I would LOVE to work in a post office sorting mail or having a route. I know this is weird too! But to me this would be so much fun! Sorting and throwing that mail into piles of zip codes is heaven to me!

12) I have considered working at a grocery store but I am not so good with technology and I think I would panic if I messed up while checking someone out. Same with a bank, considered it but something about dealing with people's money freaks me out!

13) I also had dreams of being a Children's Minister but due to almost everyone in my life working for churches, I think I will steer away from this challenge:)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Word Cloud

This was fun!! Go to to create your own!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things we loved about having Jed with us this weekend (and Jonathan and Jennifer too:):

1. We loved watching him turnover on his left side. It made him very angry but it was great entertainment:)
2. We loved sitting on the floor and watching him coo and talk.
3. He knows how to copy the "O" sound. Especially when Jonathan does it. I am sure he is going to be a great singer!
4. Malaya loved holding him (as you can see!)
5. I LOVED putting him to sleep and as you can see he put me to sleep also!! I fell asleep 3 different times holding him!! This pic was during a Matthew McConaughey movie!! There is really nothing more peaceful than holding a sleeping baby! You can tell by the hair that it was a gradual falling asleep as I gradually slid down the chair:)
6. We loved watching him smile.
7. I loved watching him recognize his mama.
8. I enjoyed visiting with Jennifer. We had a great few days together!
9. I enjoyed hanging out with Jonathan. He makes me laugh so hard! Even though he loves making fun of me, it still makes me laugh!
10. I loved watching him take a bath. He loved it!
11. I loved the way it killed Malaya that she had to be quiet so much!! She and I have laughed about it!
12. I loved hearing Malaya laugh at his gas. And he had a LOT and they did NOT sound like baby tooties:)
13. We love our little nephew. Jonathan and Jennifer are great parents! Thanks for spending some time with us! I am so glad Mom and Dad were out of town:):)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I love about San Antonio: (so you're sick of hearing about San Antonio from me, sorry:)

1.Mexican food
2. Fun music (which we bought a CD of a band playing in the Market if anyone wants to borrow and pretend they are there:)
3. the Riverwalk
4. The Riverwalk mall
5. The Market
6. being with my husband on the Riverwalk at night
7. the hotels on the riverwalk
8. the Alamo (I love the history of that place)
9. snowcones by the Alamo
10. fun shops
11. boat rides on the river
12. Sea World
13. the trollies

I wish I were going there again tomorrow! Love that place! :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One more update...

I ran out of room I guess on that last blog b/c it wouldn't let me post another pic!! So please read that one first and read about Malaya!!

I am LOVING doing the work for KidStand. It has been such a blessing to me. Here is a pic of Jessie and 2 of her dancers. We were at a Back To School event in Cleburne. It was a lot of fun. It was great for Malaya and Jessie's daughter to get to experience a different culture and how they praise God. We were all rapping to Jesus by the end of the night:)

Jessie is such a talented woman who is ON FIRE for the Lord. Her passion amazed me. She is determined and confident of her mission. She has such a huge heart for children and their love for Jesus. She has been such an example to me and to my faith. I love working with her but I am also grateful for her friendship. She seeks the Lord daily and his will for her and doesn't mind challenging the Lord to use her:) Pray for her as she leaves for Africa in a couple of weeks to minister to the kids there for 10n days!

Check our our website www.kidstand .org

Let me know if I can get you a CD!! It is rockin'!!

I am loving being Malaya's mom. She makes me laugh, cry, smirk, and many other things. She is growing up soooo fast. I love being David's wife. He makes me laugh, cry, smirk and many other things too! :):):) I love being a daughter of the King! He makes me laugh, cry, smirk, and many, many other things! :):) Blessings on all of you, my friends!!

Bizaillion Family Updates!

It has been a long time since I have updated just about what is going on in our family! So here are a few recaps!

Malaya started FIRST grade!! (being the reason my blog is now named Malaya's mom and not Kindermommy! Malaya had me change it of course:) This is on the way to the first day of school! But thankfully we haven't seen this sad face since! She LOVES school! She has a great teacher who is fun, outgoing and really connects with Malaya. Malaya loves going to P.E., art, music and of course being a BIG kid and eating in the cafeteria. I am so glad God has blessed her with such a great environment to go to school! We are excited about the upcoming year!

Here is Malaya and Matthew and Ethan at Meet the Teacher night. Malaya loves having Matthew around school. They are just right across the hall from each other.

Here is Malaya with 2 of her great buddies. These girls are HUGE fans of the Winx club. (Visit to find out more:) We got to meet their fav character at the mall one day. Her name is Blum.

Malaya is losing teeth like crazy! She is now missing both of her 2 front teeth. She looks SOO cute. This pic was after her first front tooth came out. The second came out this weekend with Grammy.

David and I got to go on an anniversary trip to San Antonio this past weekend! We had a blast! He is my absolute FAVORITE person to hang out with! We had a great time visiting, developing parenting strategies:), eating TONS of Mexican food and lots of shopping. We stayed in a great hotel on the Riverwalk. I LOVE SAN ANTONIO. It is my fav vacation place. David and I went there on our honeymoon, 8 YEARS ago!!

David's floor business is going well. He now has a blog about floors. Check out the link to the right. He is working really hard. This past year has been challenging for our family in some ways but the Lord has been faithful (as always:). If you are ever in need of floor work or know someone who is please call us:)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen or Fourteen (better late than never:)

Thirteen Fun Things About this Past Week:

1) I got to see my new nephew, Jed, new niece, Katlyn, lots of other nices and nephews, brothers, BIL's and SIL's, and grandparents ALL in one weekend!! That was great!

2) Got home on Sunday night to my hubby who said that he was taking me out to eat because my b-day celebrations were going to begin early!!!!! :)

3) He took me to Joe's Crabshack! We ate outside (we always love to eat outside b/c it makes us feel like we are on vacation!

4) At dinner he slipped me an envelope with reservations for a surprise anniversary trip to San Antonio! My Fav place!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

5) Did some Mall shopping (got new earrings and a pair of new sunglasses) with hubby, BIL, and daughter.

6) Got taken to Sonic for ice cream by BIL.

7) Got taken to Razzoo's for some fried pickles!!! :) (via gift certificates)

8) Wednesday I was taken to lunch by some great new friends to Cheesecake Factory ( had appetizers, yummy entree AND cheesecake) . We got to have all our girls with us! Much fun!

9) Had a delivery of the BEST cupcakes EVER by another fab friend and family!!

10) Thursday, Had light lunch at Cheddar's to enjoy some queso and chips!!

11) Spent day at Six Flags with hubby and daughter. Very HOT but oh so fun!!

12) Enjoyed family and friend's b-day wishes through phone calls and emails and singing on answering machine (Thanks A.C.- just beautiful:)

13) Topped the week off with a dinner at Joe T. Garcias with hubby, daughter and Mom and Dad ( who made it possible for me to have a b-day. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

(14. (I'm not done yet so I am adding more!) Came home to gifts from hubby an daughter. Got to blow out candles and have cupcakes AND cake!

Okay--I confess and admit I am WAY SPOILED! It was such a great week! My hubby made me feel so special and loved!! Thanks friends and family! I went to bed thanking God for all of you and praying that the next 28 years will be His. And now I am posting this so that I can go work out...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pics of Katlyn!

BABY KATLYN!! Katlyn looks so much like her daddy! I was shocked! You can see her little strawberry kiss that developed about 2 weeks after her surgery right over her heart!
I got to watch her smile, cry, sleep, eat, and be taken care of by a house-full of loving famly members!

Just wanted everyone to see a visual image of a miracle (though all babies are:) But...Katlyn has many miracles that can be listed for her :)
Thanks again for all the prayers over her!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Fav Restaurants

1) Rosa's - Love their sopapillas

2) Taco Bueno - for their tacos

3) Abuelo's - enchiladas

4) Taco Casa - I know, I know some readers recently were very sick from their food BUT usually it is very yummy and SOOOOO stinkin' cheap.

5) Razoo's - fried pickles

6) Red Lobster - fried shrimp

7) Laundry's - fried catfish

8) Babe's - chicken, tators and rolls

9) Sonic - drinks

10) Panera Bread - sandwiches and fresh fruit

11) Cheddar's - queso and chips

12) Joe T. Garcias - enchiladas

13) La Margarita - (San Antonio marketplace) - everything!!

And now I post this as I go dream of all these places...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Miracle Katlyn!

Once again, thank you all that have been praying for Katlyn. Out of a joyful yell I shout that she is home with her family today!! She is nursing prefectly! She has no tubes! AND is breathing without any help from machines or technology! Praise God for the countless miracles in her little body! Dina told me that all that is physically on her to represent the past few weeks is a scar from her surgery over her heart. Right next to her scar she has developed a little angel kiss. Dina says that will be their forever reminder of God's miraculous work in Katlyn!
Thanks again for your prayers, blog friends!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thirteen Things I Love About My Hubbie!

Yesterday David and I celebrated 8 years of being married!! YES, before you start doing the math, yes, I was a baby!! The Lord has done some miraculous things in us as indivduals over tha past years. He has taught us about a love that can ONLY can come through Him and NOT us. So anyway--here's to you BABY. You may not want to read on because there is a potential for things to get a little hot and heavy:) JK!!

13 things I love about David:

1)I love going out to eat with you.

2) I love that you can always refocus me on what is righteous.

3)I love that you are so smart. You can find a way to do anything.

4) I love that you don't allow me to stay in a "pitty" place.

5) I love that you care about your health. Even though it is annoying sometimes, I do appreicate it.

6) I get to reap the benefits of #5. I LOVE your muscular physique!!

7) I love your smile.

8) I love that we have secret sign language for when we are in public and in social settings to communicate! ;) Don't even try, I will not reveal our secrets.

9) I love the way you are a committed sport's fan. I love getting into the Astros and Mavs with you. A great date night for us is sitting in the living room with tuna sandwiches, sweet tea, and yelling words at the refs/umps, bad calls, etc.

10) I love going on walks with you.

11) I love going to concerts with you.

12) I love playing Skip-Bo with you. ( I won't even mention what the score is at this point :)

13) I love your kisses ;)

I love you, David Bizaillion. I am excited about our next 8 years together! Thanks for fighting this life with me and for forcing me to be something different than I was yesterday. Thanks for being such a great dad to Malaya. Thank you for constantly seeking ways to be a better parent and allowing God to challenge you. You are such a gift to me! I love you!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about my bath time: (which I am about to go enjoy:)

1) The scalding hot water on my skin. It is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world. AND it IS NOT hot enough unless my skin has 3rd degree burns when I get out:)

2)Cleaning my face with my BC cleanser.

3) Having time to reflect on my day.


5) Thinking and dreaming.

6) Singing at the top of my lungs. (I turn the vent on so it isn't quite so loud for the fam. )

7) Sometimes listening to music

8) Sticking my head under water to get my hair wet. But keeping my ears under EXTRA long so that I can't hear anything else:)

9) Sometimes I will give up my selfishness and Malaya will come in and talk to me. This is very rare b/c I covet my bath time but the older Malaya gets the more fun it is to have conversations with her.

10) Sometimes enjoying a relaxing bubble bath (this is also rare but I LOVE it when I take time out to do it.!

11) I love taking baths when I am getting ready to "dress up" to go out with my hubby! Also very rare but one of my fav things to do!! I have been known to spend up to an hour in the tub. Even letting water out and running it a second, sometimes even 3 times. Ask ANYONE in my family. Brothers hated this growing up!! Mom and I would compete for the hot water.

12) I think my baths is what yogo is to some people. It is my time to relax, calm myself, relax all my muscles, and go into my own peaceful place with God.

13) I think I have passed the obsession on to my daughter. Malaya has grown to covet her bathtime too. She hasn't always been a bath lover but the older she gets it the more she likes it. She has learned to appreciate the relaxation of it, the girlyness of it, and she loves it when I go in and talk to her about her day.

Now I am off to go enjoy all these things...Take time out this next week to enjoy a bath. It could potentially be lifechanging:)