Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Fav Restaurants

1) Rosa's - Love their sopapillas

2) Taco Bueno - for their tacos

3) Abuelo's - enchiladas

4) Taco Casa - I know, I know some readers recently were very sick from their food BUT usually it is very yummy and SOOOOO stinkin' cheap.

5) Razoo's - fried pickles

6) Red Lobster - fried shrimp

7) Laundry's - fried catfish

8) Babe's - chicken, tators and rolls

9) Sonic - drinks

10) Panera Bread - sandwiches and fresh fruit

11) Cheddar's - queso and chips

12) Joe T. Garcias - enchiladas

13) La Margarita - (San Antonio marketplace) - everything!!

And now I post this as I go dream of all these places...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Miracle Katlyn!

Once again, thank you all that have been praying for Katlyn. Out of a joyful yell I shout that she is home with her family today!! She is nursing prefectly! She has no tubes! AND is breathing without any help from machines or technology! Praise God for the countless miracles in her little body! Dina told me that all that is physically on her to represent the past few weeks is a scar from her surgery over her heart. Right next to her scar she has developed a little angel kiss. Dina says that will be their forever reminder of God's miraculous work in Katlyn!
Thanks again for your prayers, blog friends!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thirteen Things I Love About My Hubbie!

Yesterday David and I celebrated 8 years of being married!! YES, before you start doing the math, yes, I was a baby!! The Lord has done some miraculous things in us as indivduals over tha past years. He has taught us about a love that can ONLY can come through Him and NOT us. So anyway--here's to you BABY. You may not want to read on because there is a potential for things to get a little hot and heavy:) JK!!

13 things I love about David:

1)I love going out to eat with you.

2) I love that you can always refocus me on what is righteous.

3)I love that you are so smart. You can find a way to do anything.

4) I love that you don't allow me to stay in a "pitty" place.

5) I love that you care about your health. Even though it is annoying sometimes, I do appreicate it.

6) I get to reap the benefits of #5. I LOVE your muscular physique!!

7) I love your smile.

8) I love that we have secret sign language for when we are in public and in social settings to communicate! ;) Don't even try, I will not reveal our secrets.

9) I love the way you are a committed sport's fan. I love getting into the Astros and Mavs with you. A great date night for us is sitting in the living room with tuna sandwiches, sweet tea, and yelling words at the refs/umps, bad calls, etc.

10) I love going on walks with you.

11) I love going to concerts with you.

12) I love playing Skip-Bo with you. ( I won't even mention what the score is at this point :)

13) I love your kisses ;)

I love you, David Bizaillion. I am excited about our next 8 years together! Thanks for fighting this life with me and for forcing me to be something different than I was yesterday. Thanks for being such a great dad to Malaya. Thank you for constantly seeking ways to be a better parent and allowing God to challenge you. You are such a gift to me! I love you!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about my bath time: (which I am about to go enjoy:)

1) The scalding hot water on my skin. It is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world. AND it IS NOT hot enough unless my skin has 3rd degree burns when I get out:)

2)Cleaning my face with my BC cleanser.

3) Having time to reflect on my day.


5) Thinking and dreaming.

6) Singing at the top of my lungs. (I turn the vent on so it isn't quite so loud for the fam. )

7) Sometimes listening to music

8) Sticking my head under water to get my hair wet. But keeping my ears under EXTRA long so that I can't hear anything else:)

9) Sometimes I will give up my selfishness and Malaya will come in and talk to me. This is very rare b/c I covet my bath time but the older Malaya gets the more fun it is to have conversations with her.

10) Sometimes enjoying a relaxing bubble bath (this is also rare but I LOVE it when I take time out to do it.!

11) I love taking baths when I am getting ready to "dress up" to go out with my hubby! Also very rare but one of my fav things to do!! I have been known to spend up to an hour in the tub. Even letting water out and running it a second, sometimes even 3 times. Ask ANYONE in my family. Brothers hated this growing up!! Mom and I would compete for the hot water.

12) I think my baths is what yogo is to some people. It is my time to relax, calm myself, relax all my muscles, and go into my own peaceful place with God.

13) I think I have passed the obsession on to my daughter. Malaya has grown to covet her bathtime too. She hasn't always been a bath lover but the older she gets it the more she likes it. She has learned to appreciate the relaxation of it, the girlyness of it, and she loves it when I go in and talk to her about her day.

Now I am off to go enjoy all these things...Take time out this next week to enjoy a bath. It could potentially be lifechanging:)


Katlyn had her breathing tube taken out yesterday!!! YEA!! They are going to try to start giving her momma's milk today through a tube. So that is one thing to pray--that her body will take to that well.
Mark and Dina sound very encouraged. Mark and Dina switched places yesterday b/c Dina hadn't been able to see Katlyn for a whole week! Mark got to come home and be with her other 3 kiddos and Dina got to HOLD Katlyn for the first time yesterday!

Thank you all again for your prayers and please continue to pray for them as Katlyn still has a tough road ahead of her. Mark talked to me yesterday and just listed off miracle after miracle that God has performed through Katlyn!