Monday, July 28, 2008

She Earned It!!

We had a special day today!! Malaya got her ears pierced!! She has to earn it this summer and she has worked hard!

This was right before she and her friend, Ryleigh went in for the pierce!!

Above she is ready to go in the chair...

I love this above picture. Here eyes are so intense. She is fighting so hard!

And the happy girls after!!!

My beautiful one...she picked out the April birthstone, which is diamonds but these were the "$20 diamonds;)"
What a special day it was for us!! My little girl is growing up faster than I wish but I praise God for precious memories like today!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


So the past few months have been filled with tons of fun! Here is a quick run down:
1) Finished up SECOND grade!! Just typing that statement seems so surreal!! We will be attending yet another new school next year so third grade here we come!

2) My nephew Truitt turned 1!!! I am LOVING this aunt thing!!
3. Jed turned 2 just a few days after...
4) My neice, Jocelyn Brooke was born!!! She is so precious!! Malaya is so happy to have a girl cousin on the Ross side!!
5) Josh, Kayci and Truitt became Tennessians. This is the night before they made their trip!!

6)After this, pictures stopped. Haven't taken another picture this summer!! I know, I am horrible!
We hit Celebrate Freedom full throttle mode FAST!! It was June 27 and 28th. We (KidStand, a team of 7 people!! God does work miracles:) were in charge of the Family Fun Zone!! We had inflatables, constant entertainment, gospel messages, and Tons more. We did have to shut down early due to a bad storm so that was quite a let down and the time but God is so good!! The festival life is hard but so rewarding!! For people, that discount what God can do through mass evangelism, I dare you to experience it one time as one that prays with people and hear their confessions of faith. It is such a gift. KidStand works very hard on follow up and guiding people in "what to do next" in their journey of faith. Festivals are also a place that all "kinds" of Christian churches come together for one goal. God began developing a passion in me the past 15 years about the unifying of Christians. I know it seems an impossible thing to happen especially when I read blogs and sorts that do nothing but divide Christians and throw hateful words back and forth to ANYONE that doesn't agree exactly the way one does. I pray we can become a body that can work in "the streets" together, that can do outreaches together, that can do mission trips together, that can do youth rallies together, that can truly be the hands and feet of Jesus TOGETHER. So there goes my naive, dreaming rant:) God is faithful and graceful! Festivals allow people to come together as a FULL body of Christ and not under a specific church name. I LOVE it!!
7) So today I have been married for 10 years. In fact, 10 years ago right now I was exchanging vows with a wonderful man of God, surrounded by family and friends. It was a great and joyful day!! Happy Anniversary, David!!
I hope the rest of the summer is full of days at the pool, time with friends and family and experiences of renewal and refreshment through Jesus!! Live on...