Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (still just a wanna be:)

You are probably sick of hearing about Kindergarten but hang in there for one more post and then you can hear about 1st grade for a whole year:) Just get ready you moms of preschoolers. It is rough!
Starting Monday the tears started flowing! Wednesday was the whip at graduation. I was the Mom that was having to take deep breaths to keep from making snorting noises b/c I was crying so stinkin' hard. Malaya was up on the risers in her beautiful curls. She looked so big. She sang her little songs with such energy and passion. We yelled and screamed for her when she got her certificate. I was so proud of her. I just can not believe she is 6 years old and just finished Kinder! Malaya's teacher has been such a special person for me and Malaya. She and I grew very close and we became great friends. We refused to say goodbye today b/c we couldn't stop crying! Yes, I tend to be a sap at times:)

Okay, I will move on with it...Keeping with the crying theme...

13 songs that make me cry:
1) "Let Them Be Little" - by Billy Dean (This song was the culprit of a lot of my tears yesterday! This is a must have song for all moms! Look it up and see if you don't cry!)

2) "I Will Remember You" - Sarah McGlothlin (Second song that made me cry yesterday and makes me cry on our Senior Kojie video!)

3) Any song my brother Jonathan sings. (His voice is so pure!)

4) "It is Well With My Soul" - I cry for one of two reasons: In gratefulness and praise that Jesus has made "it" well OR in repentence and disgust that the devil has made my heart NOT well with "It".

5) Whatever song they play on GH when it is a Jason/Sam scene. (Not even a big JaSam fan, but just the melody of the song makes me tear up.)

6) "Make You Proud" - New American Idol, Taylor Hicks (I know I just heard it last night, but I still cried!)

7) "A Bridge Over Troubled Waters" - Michael W. Smith version (don't know why it makes me cry??)

8) "I Will Be Here" - Steven Curtis Chapman - Once again, when my bro. Jonathan sings this it makes me cry.

9) Hearing Malaya sing. "I Am a Promise", " Jesus, Be the Center", "Jesus is Able" and on and on....

10) "It's All About You" - Passion

11) "This is My Desire" - Jeremy Camp

12) Almost every Phantom of the Opera song

13) Drum Roll Please... And don't laugh, The Last song in Grease, "Always Be Together"; When Olivia Newton John turns around and waves to all her friends, the tears well up.

Maybe I am more of a sap than I thought!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen "want- a- be"

Okay, I have been wanting to try and be cool like my friends and join the Thursday Thirteen. But since I am not cool and have not been successful:) I have not been able to figure out how to post the graphic. So I am going to post but without a fun, cute graphic title. So I still will not totally consider myself a part of "the gang" until I figure it all out but until then I will stick to the words and still have some "Thirteen" fun!!

Thirteen Things I Have Loved About Having a Kindergartener:
1) Watching Malaya make new friends and making some great new friends for me too!
2) I never realized how much I LOVE making copies, cutting out laminating, hanging bulletin boards, decorating the Kinder hall. SO FUN to me!!!!!
3) Getting up early and starting my day. (You see before kinder. I was quite a late sleeper.)
4) Coming home and going on walks by myself and having lots of self reflecting time.
5) Getting to spend time with David on his off days.
6) Being room Mom, I loved planning the parties and special things for her teacher.
7) Malaya having such a FABULOUS kinder teacher. It was such a blessing to have a Christian teacher. We even got to go to church with her once and worship with her! What a blessing for Malaya and me to get to see and hear her teacher worship God.
8) Having Malaya's friends over to play. There were not many days when someone has not come home with us. Malaya loves it!!
9) Watching Malaya progressively learn to read.
10) Getting to watch Malaya tell friends about Jesus or ask about church. Malaya never knew that there are some people that actually DO NOT believe in God till this year. Great faith building for her!!
11) Learning how to be a better parent and seek some MAJOR wisdom while dealing with a few "new" and "exciting" situations.
12) Getting to watch Malaya in programs sing and do her choreography so proudly and confidently!!
13) Simply just knowing that we made it through the first year of school!!!! YEA!! The weeks leading up to Kinder were full or tears and fear (much more for me than Malaya). So knowing that we conquered the year!!

Now we push ahead to First grade. Maybe next week I will post about the things I am looking forward to about 1st grade!!