Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Been a Whirlwind!!

Well, we finished first grade and we have been off and running!! Here are some fun pics...Malaya at field day!
This past weekend we went down to Houston for Jed's 1st birthday party! We got to have fun time with Josh and Kayci and Truitt as well. We got there just in time on Friday to watch my brothers sky dive! I could NEVER do this but these 2 guys have always stretched themselves with danger:) My SIL, Kayci wants to go next time and David might go along too.
Malaya bought an MP3 player with her birthday money. I thought this picture was so cute. Jonathan and Jennifer each had an earpiece in their ear listening to a song that Malaya wanted them to listen to.
Mom and Dad enjoying their 3 grandkids at Jed's b-day party.
Truitt's first time to take a dive:) (No, we were not baptizing babies at the party:)
Enjoying his 1st birthday cake! Jen made the cakes from scratch and they were delicious!!

A few more updates:
The day we got out of school my SIL (David's sister), her 4 kids, and my MIL all stayed with us for 5 days!!! We had the best time. Have I mentioned before how much how love Dina! She is amazing!! I praise God for her friendship, her Godly wisdom/example and her conversation!
Malaya went home with them for 4 days. It was a little rough on me and Malaya but we made it through. I bawled for a few hours after she left but made it through with some entertainment from a friend. :) Malaya is going to 2 VBS's this week and is loving it, though she had to miss yesterday b/c I think her body just wore down!

We have a rally next Thursday at the Potter's House for anyone that is close that would like to come check out KidStand, Have some fun, and worship God with 1500 kids! Is there anything better??? If anything, please pray for the night!

We are looking forward to the rest of our summer. Hope you are having a great one!!