Monday, December 18, 2006

We've been up to bunches!

We have been partying like crazy around our house! The past few weeks have been pretty constant with tons of fun!!

Two weeks ago we had a reindeer run at school. Malaya had so much fun! She made it around the "path" 5 times! I was very proud of her. I attempted to walk with her but I thought my little friend and I were going to get trampled so we chose to sit on the sidelines and cheer on her and her class.

A few days after that we went to Nordstrom's Breakfast With Santa with our friends Stephanie and Rainey. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who has never been. There were probably 100-150 there. They open up the whole store for ticket holders only. The tickets were very cheap!! We ate a yummy breakfast of french toast, eggs, sausage, fruit and a few other things and any juice imaginable. While we ate, magicians came around to each table and there were elves walking around on stilts. After breakfast you got free pictures with Santa ( no line I might add). Though Malaya informed me this year that she was too big to still sit on Santa's lap. I informed her that she has at least 6 more years she must still do this. No questions asked!! :) There was a station that the kids could write a letter to Santa. (Malaya already got a return letter from Santa.) There was face-painting. And a goodie bag for all the children with lots of fun crafts in it. I was very impressed!

This past week I took Malaya out of school for a day and we made a fast trip to Houston to see the Rockettes! My mother in law asked for her 50th birthday present to take all the girls in the family to see them. We had a blast!! Malaya and I both LOVED the Rockettes. Their show is spectacular! And of course, Malaya was in heaven getting to spend time with her cousins who she adores!!
From left to right is obviously Malaya :), Alyssa and Baby Katlyn (isn't she precious; everytime I look at her I amazed at God's miraculous way to heal!) and her big sister Alyssa (Malaya LOVES her!! ) They are both Dina's (David's sister ) daughters. Next is Chloe (Jon's daughter). And then Annette, Dina's middle daughter!
We had to wait a while to get in the doors so we were playing lots of games to keep these ancy girls occupied!

We headed back to Keller after we had dinner at an amazingly, nice restaurant that I can not remember the name of :)!
I came back home and began to clean, clean, clean and bake, bake, bake!! We had our KidStand staff over for a Christmas party last night! We had such a good time! I made 4 appetizers and 3 desserts!! I don't mean to brag but anyone who knows me very well knows that this does not come out of Jenny B very often! David make fajitas and his famous salsa! He was such a great help this weekend! I could not have done it without him. He made (what seems like) 6 trips to the store for me:) Malaya loved entertaining! God has blessed KidStand this past year. David lead us in a challenge for 2007 and we had a time of prayer over KidStand! It was so much fun!
We just recently got the contract to be in charge of the whole kid's area at Celebrate Freedom!! Our theme is beach party!! Mark your calendars and come see us on June 29 and 30. Celebrate Freedom has teamed up with the Luis Palau Festivals so it will now be a 2 day event!! We are so excited and we are in full planning mode! We are also having a fundraising dinner at Texas Motor Speedway in March. We have got some potential, maj. celebrities. I will post more on that when we have confirmation!! I am very excited! So there is all the KidStand updates!!:)
Tomorrow is Malaya's school party so I must go work on that stuff but...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Being that my blogging time has dimished I will post more next week!