Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Fall Update

I think I am going to be a seasonal blogger :) so here are some fall updates from the Biz's.

Second grade is underway... Malaya's teacher had a baby but was back today. She took a very short maternity leave. Malaya is loving school. I can see more than ever before God's activity in her life. Her character is being developed and refined and I praise God that I get to witness his activity in her. I am realizing more than ever about my intentionality as a parent. Last night I was trying so hard to go to sleep and I just was so restless. I could feel the Spirit pulling me to get up and pray. I went into Malaya's room and just gave it to Him. I stared into her sleeping face and was once again reminded of how short my time is with her. I still remember so detailed the day she was born. It that was almost 8 years ago. I really wasn't going to get emotional. Onto something else... :)

A few months ago, God began really changing my life. Several habits have been broken. Several new habits have been put into place. Several habits He is still trying to break:) It's a work in progress, right?? I have never been more dedicated though, to my role as wife and mom. I am taking it so much more seriously than ever. I could never have imagined how busy I would be when I got serious about the role God has given me. I prayed and prayed for so many years for God to show me if I should get a job, go back to school, etc. etc. but when I finally submitted to His will and jumped in with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, I know it is right for me to be dedicated to my family for this season. A few weeks ago, in our Wednesday night parenting class we made a list of characteristics that we desire our children to have one day. And then we brainstormed and discussed what we are doing in our day to day, hohum life to put those characteristics in place for our children. I realized how passive I have been with so much instead of thinking intenionally about every action and word! That's a work in progress for the next 10 years!!

God is so GOOD! He has blessed our family of three beyond what I could have hoped. Though my human nature wants to everyday align myself with MY will, I know I have pledged my life to something different and that means MY will does not exist.

This blog has gotten way too serious so here are some FUN pictures!!

Malaya adores her Grammy. This was before breakfast with grandparents at school.

Malaya had a day out of school a few weeks ago and we were going to go to the fair but after sitting in traffic for over an hour we exited off, had some lunch at Landry's and then went to the Dallas Aquarium which is amazing!! We also celebrated my dad's b-day all day which was fun!

Okay, this picture is a big deal b/c I have always been REALLY afraid of sharks (even if they are in aquariums) I have always been fascinated by them. I LOVE shark week on Discovery and all but yet very afraid. So it was a HUGE deal for me to sit UP AGAINST THE GLASS with these monsters swimming inches behind me with just a think layer of glass between us. I couldn't stop thinking about Jaws 3 when the aquarium glass breaks and all the sharks go loose!!Still gives me the heeber-jeevers but I did it! My dad took this picture of me so I could show off that I did it! :)

The next week we took Malaya out of school early and we did go to the fair!! It was a great day! Some Bizaillion relatives (whom we have never met nor know) sent us Flat Stanley so here is a picture of Malaya holding up Flat Stan with Big Tex!

We went to pumpkin patch right here by our house. The girls had so much fun!

It is drug free week at school and they have been doing silly themed things each day. This was "keep your friends accountable day" so you had to be "twins" with some one. Malaya asked our neighbor to dress alike so here are the cuties!

Malaya was out of school last Friday so we went to our favorite place, Glen Rose!! We went to Fossil Rim. We had the greatest time!! At the very end of the day we came to the giraffes and this one stood in front of my car and stretched its neck over the top of my car and then came INTO my car through the sunroof!! It ate food right out of our hands!! It was the greatest! To be able to see such an amazing animal right in our face! I even touched her eyelashes! She was beautiful! And as you can see the sky was beautiful! It was so awesome to be surrounded by God's beautiful creation all day!
I hope your fall season is off to a fun kick! We will be trunk or treating tomorrow!
Maybe I will aim for 2 blogs in one season and post for Thanksgiving!! :)