Monday, March 19, 2007


I cried this morning when I took Malaya back to school!! I LOVED having her home last week. This past week made me so ready for the summer! We had lots of special time together and we really didn't do "much". We played and enjoyed being together all week. She was in very joyous and mature spirits all week so that helped:) I love watching God continue his beautiful work in her! There are very specific things that I prayed for her when she was in my womb and I am beginning to see God fulfill those prayers with approval. Even though some of those qualities have been torturous to see God develop. :) Very hard lessons for me and her.
We closed out our week with a day at our new favorite family get away, GlenRose. We picnic'd in Dinosaur Valley. We then hiked for about 4 hours in the hills. It was BEAUTIFUL!!
Only 9 more weeks until summer vacation!!!!:)