Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving continued...

They are working!! I will try to keep adding but here is some more highlights!:)

6. ONE of my favorite parts of the past few days was getting to spend time with Jed. I even got to spend a couple of hours alone with him on Friday while Jenn went out for a bit. We had a great time.

7. I also loved getting to hang out with my brothers and SIL's. My SIL's are such wonderful women. They are kind, compasstionate women. My brothers could not have chosen better life partners. My brothers always keep me laughing! I was attacked a few times with some tickling monsters. And we even brought back old memories of a game we used to play when we were traveling. We would take turns putting our heads behind each others backs and we would push on each other's head until we the person surrendered. We used to think it was the greatest game but as adults we realized that it really hurts. No comments please about that being what is wrong with us Ross kids:) Here is a pic of my brother Jonathan proving he is still the baby of the family!

8. Jed is being introduced to baby foods. When I kept him on Friday I was feeding him and I could not stop laughing at his funny faces! This wasn't the funniest but it still made me laugh!
9. Malaya was WIPED by the end of the week. We were sitting around talking REALLY late one night and Malaya just could not go any more! She found her perfect spot in Grammy's lap where blissful peace is experienced! :) She has been asleep the past two nights by 8:00!

10. On Saturday we got down and dirty with Christmas decor!! Malaya and I turned up some Christmas CD's VERY loud and went to work. I made my FIRST Christmas wreath EVER! Though it needs some work, I was excited that I tried something new, which is not very often for me. Today we went back to Mom and Dad's and David helped my dad hang up their Christmas lights. Malaya and I helped in the house with Mom though I did take about an hour break to nap:) I enjoyed spending time with my Mom this past week too. She did such a great job cooking delicious food. She prepared quite a spread. We will be eating on the food for weeks to come! She works so hard for our family. She is a wonderful Matriarch!

11. I bought Malaya a little tree for her room which she is very proud of.

12. David is hanging Chirstmas lights on people's houses for a side job this season. He did this last year also. Both years I have waited to get that phone call that he has fallen off a roof or been injured! It happened yesterday! Though he did not call...When he walked in the house last night after work, I saw a face covered in blood. He had fallen off an 8 foot ladder. He has a scraped up cheek and very swollen eye. It could have been much worse. My "dare devil husband" has no fear. I am grateful for his hard work to provide for our family and I will be excited when Christmas tree lights are all hung up on all houses within a 30 mile radius!

13. Malaya reminded me earlier that I have never posted a pic of Princess so I just took one of our black lab pet. She has been a great pet. Though her tail is a weapon of mass destruction and knocks over anything that gets in it's way! We love her!

I am so excited about this upcoming season!! I have made a vow to try some more new crafty things and to do a lot of attempted baking this season! I am going to attempt to be as healthy as possible being that my doc keeps close tabs on my diet:) I borrowed a few cookbooks and craft ideas from my Mom. I can't wait to get started!! Last night as we were saying our prayers together I had to remind myself and Malaya about what this season is truly about. I so easily get caught up in all this fun, seasonal stuff that I too easily forget about what it must have been like for God to make the decision to send his precious son down to this earth and to know from the get go what Jesus's purpose and goal was! I hope God will teach me ways this season to refocus and be remind me and my famiy about what and why we celebrate!! Happy Holidays to you all!!

Thanksgiving 2006!

Well, we have had a great last few days! We enjoyed being together. Here is some highlights!
1) Here is a picture of the whole Ross clan. We are growing!! Jed was our wonderful, miraculous miracle this year! And Ross the Boss Junior is on his/her way! Kayci is a beautiful mother to be! And of course, Josh can not wait to be a daddy!
2. As you can see, Mom and Dad made another new addition, Molly, a long-haired chihua (sp?). She is Malaya's new toy! The dog as been held and pulled in every way imaginable!
3. We had a huge blessing!! Right to the last minute, we were not sure if my grandparents, B and Papa were going to be able to come. Jonathan and Jenn brought them up. And it was so good to have them there! We had some late night talks and they have found a house in Decatur that they LOVE!! They have put a bid on the house. Hopefully we will get them up here very soon!

4. Malaya's favorite part of the day was getting to play with her cousin, Tabitha who she adores!! Tabby and I have always been very close. David and I kept for a week after we had only been married 2 weeks. She slept right on the middle of us! She was about to start Kinder. Now she is in 7th grade and is a wonderful example and friend to Malaya. It is neat the way God cycles His blessings through generations!

5. It was also great to spend time with my other 2 cousins. Tiffany is a Junior and A&M and Hutt is a senior in high school and is hoping to go there on a baseball scholarship!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things Malaya and I love about Thanksgiving:
1) Giving thanks
2) eating pie
3) the food
4) watching girlie movies (American girl movies, Cutting Edge, Sabrina, these seem to always make it out during the holidays)
5) spending time with family
6) listening to the men yell at the tv over football
7) no school
8) being at the table with full plates of delicious, "hard worked on" food and having to wait to eat it while the generations before me take a BIZAILLION pictures
9) playing with cousins, Tabitha, Hutt, Tiffany, Jed, Alyssa, Marky, Annette, Chloe, Katlyn, and the list is growing!
10) playing with nieces and nephews :)
11) playing games
12) playing "Mofia"; The Biz's are addicted to this game. We are all quite good! That may not be a good thing:)
13) Loving each other.

We can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

13 things I love about kids:
1. Their laughter and the way they make me laugh:)
2. Their genuine hugs and kisses
3. Their innocence/purity
4. Their dependency
5. Their quickness to forgive
6. Their quickness to love and to love unconditionally
7. Their toughness
8. Their endurance/perseverence
9. The way that ANY spritual question has the answer of "JESUS"!! Isn't that really the answer to all things!!
10. Their eagerness to learn and be challenged.
11. Their willingness to try new things and be adventurous.
12. Their "radar"/sixth sense to know what people are truly about.
13. The unexplainable way they just simply make my heart melt!