Monday, October 31, 2005

Feeling Blessed!

Well, this morning I woke up feeling so blessed. As I shared in Bible class yesterday, so many new beginnings!
I took Malaya to school this morning and as I walked back to my car, the Lord reminded how blessed I am that SHE is my daughter. Every night during our bedtime ritual, I tell her that out of ALL the little girls in the whole wide world I am so glad God sent HER to be my little girl. She is such a gift! She is a passionate, loyal little girl!

I then headed to Wal-Mart and I was praising God as I shopped (is that possible:) for the great friends that God has put in my life. Supportive, encouraging, forgiving, caring, Godly friends!

Then I got home and I had one of those moments when you look at your husband and think "Man, he is sexy:)" I will not elaborate on that anymore:) Our neighbor came by and asked to talk to David. I was reminded again of what a kindhearted, giving, selfless individual he is. (More tribute to David will come tomorrow because tomorrow we celebrate his 31st b-day!!)

It has not rained in Texas since Sept. 26th!! And as I set typing this I am listening to the rain hit my window! That is a blessing!

We begin this week by moving my parents to Decatur! What an exciting time for our family! Decatur is the cutest town! We also kick this week off with David's b-day. This week Jonathan and Jennifer get to hear my neice/nephew's heartbeat for the first time! What a gift!

And lastly and most importantly, I am grateful today that I am a child of God! HE IS AMAZING! He never stops shocking me with his faithfulness. He is ALWAYS what I need. And that he loves me enough that he has blessed ME with all of the things I talked about above! WOW!

Have a great day and bathe in your blessings today!

Friday, October 28, 2005

New Skill and Supernatural Strength

Well, the training wheels came off about a month ago. She is now riding a bike without them!! She is doing a really good job with the exception of a few times she forgets to brake and she rides right into the truck:) No horrible injuries yet.

The Power Team(a team that travels around to churches and schools and talks to kids about drugs and making good choices. Why Kindergarteners were learning about that, not quite sure. I questioned her teacher about it and she really wasn't sure:) came to Malaya's school yesterday. She came home from school so excited about them so David took her to a local church to see them again last night. She came home and said, "Mom, I don't want to be a Rock and Roll singer anymore. I want to be on the Power Team!" So the daughter I thought I was raising to be a sweet, little lady might truly grow up to be a muscle bound power lifter.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day After:(

This is where the Astros hat landed after the last pitch was thrown last night. Sad game:( They got swept! The hat did not leave it's little home here under my bed-side table until today when David decided to suck in his pride and wear it to SAM'S.

We will hang the banner high!

Too bad Andy Pettitte and the Rocket couldn't do it for us in Game 1 and 2:(

Malaya wanted to pose in David's Astros hat. I was trying to get a before and after picture but the pictures posted in the wrong sequence and I could not fix it. It has taken me a while just to put these pictures on.

All this to say--it was a rough night, a rough World series BUT.......

It was great to have the 'Stros in the World Series!! Congrats to them and I hope we will go again next year!! May the Bees get to rest and be ready to sting in the Spring!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Those Stinkers!

OOPS, they did it again!! They lost it in extra innings!! Numerous errors in 3rd inning. Grand Slam from White Sox. And once again our good pal Lidge gives up a homer to a guy that has never hit a home run before!!! What in the world!!
Well, I hate to say it but I am thinkin' that the 'Stros are gonna' have to tip their hats to the White Sox and be thankful that they made it to the World Series.
They must win the next few at home!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gonna' be an aunt!

Well, the word is out... I am going to be an aunt. (I already am one with the Biz's but this is blood.) My youngest brother Jonathan and his wife Jennifer are expecting a little precious one on June 9th!! I am so excited, I have been about to wet my pants for the past 4 days!! They are going to be GREAT parents!! Jennifer has always been so wonderful with Malaya. She is a patient, gentle and kind woman. Jonathan is going to be a fun, witty dad. You can see the glow on both of their faces!! I am adsolutely thrilled for them!! Such fun, exciting days ahead!! It is going to be so much fun to watch this baby grow and watch my baby brother be a dad!!
Congrats, Jonathan and Jennifer!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Evening with my Homegirls!

Wow!! Tonight was a highlight for me!! We went to the Nichole Nordeman concert! She is amazing!! I have heard all her songs millions of times and they are fresh every time I hear them. Every time they speak to my heart! I have said before, her music has played a huge part in my spiritual journey!
Another special part of my evening was getting to be with my friends! Jami, Staci, Paige, and Kelli are ALL beautiful, spectacular women of God. They each have shown me Jesus in numerous ways. They have served as HUGE blessings in my life! It was such a gift to sit with all of them tonight and worship and praise God for what He has done in each of our lives. It is such a blessing to have such wonderful women walking this life journey with you!
I go to bed tonight blessed and refreshed!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And we are off to the World Series!!

YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!! Oswalt did it!! Way to go Jason Lane. The Killer Bees are gonna' keep buzzin'. This is awesome!!
They redeemed it!!

Saturday in Chicago......

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slightly Disappointed!

Well, well, well.........The Biz's house is interesting this morning. We can't stop talking baseball. I don't consider myself to be a huge sports fan but the past couple of years when the Astros have made the playoffs, my childhood rears it's head. Growing up we lived, ate, and breathed sports. Memories of family vacations was listening to the Astros and if they weren't playing ESPN radio was always on. I can remember as a kid drifting off to sleep to the tune of ESPN. So me and the Astros go all the way back to the 1986 Astros. The sweet and very "good-looking" days of the Astros-Billy Doran, Mike Davis, Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Craig Reynolds, Kevin Bass, Alan Ashby, Billy Hatcher. I had crushes on them all as a little girl:)
Anyway----this morning I am SOOOO MAD!! Berkman brought the game back with his home run bringing the score to 4-2. Petite pitched a great game. All Lidge had to do was work ONE inning!! That's it!!
1 stinkin' strike away from their first EVER world series and Lidge walks Edmonds and gives up a 3 scoring home run to Pujols. Why didn't he walk Pujols???? Why did he walk Edmonds???? All Lidge needed to do was throw one more strike and they were off on their merry way to the WORLD SERIES!!!! I can' t believe it!! God has made me an extremely passionate person. And this moring I am passionate that I:
1) needed to be the manager of the Astros to set things up a little bit better in the 9th, 2) I REALLY need to have a little talk with Lidge!! All he can say about his stupidity is that "Tomorrow is a new day!" Well tomorrow is a new day stinker but today is the day you lost the biggest game of your life. Redemption needs to come Wednesday night!! He better be ready!!
Hopefully Oswalt can redeem it, leave Lidge at home!!!
We will be okay. David and I keep hitting our fists. We keep asking the "What if" questions. The girly side of me wants to cry from frustration. (Here we go again--) David and I were ready to celebrate. We were already jumping up and down, high fivin', I had an "out to eat" in the bag if/ when they won---AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And one more thing---why do Athletes point up to God when they do something successful in a game. I mean-COME ON--God DOES NOT give a whip that Pujols hit a homer to win the game!!

Back to more important things of life after this series is done!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fair Day!!

We had a great day yesterday! We made our annual trip to the State Fair. Mom, Dad, David, Me and Malaya walked the state fair from about 12:30 till 9:00 last night. As soon as we got there we found some "eatin'". Some grabbed Flectcher's corn dog's while some did hamburgers and fries. We walked... We saw a butterfly exhibit. Malaya got to release a butterfly after she got to tag it. She loved that. We walked....We saw the pig races. We walked some more.....It was snack time! I had sausage on a stick. We walked some more.....We went to the Elvis exhibit and to the car show! We rode the Swan boats. We saw the Fair parade. That is one of Malaya's favorites! We ate Pizza and had fresh squeezed lemonade. We saw an old friend! We then had one last snack before leaving. Mom and I had potato skins!! They are the best b/c we load them with salt. Yummy!! We did lots of other things but I am trying to hurry b/c I am off to help Mom and Dad pack:) (Yes, for those that didn't know--they sold their house!! They are so excited!! )
It was also a very interesting night after about 6:00. It was DISD night. About a hundred "gang unit" officers were walking around along with the tons of police and DISD security! That was fun! I was definitely put back in the Crockett, East Texas days.
It was a great day! We walked A LOT. But it is worth it for the fun time with family, the GREAT food, and fun entertainment!
If you haven't been yet this year, the fair is opened for 9 more days!! Get to the fair with your family!! You will be glad you went!! I can tell you where to get $6 parking!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cleaning House and a "First"

I woke up this morning in a mood to clean my house. You know, not the kind where you just vacuum, sweep and pick up a little. I mean CLEAN. And no, I am not about to give birth. I bleached the bathrooms, dusted the baseboards, swept, mopped, vacuumed under all the furniture, washed all the rugs, washed all the windows, and a huge thing - wiped out the microwave!! I feel so good right now! I am off to the garage to paint shelves for Malaya's room.

As I was about to vacuum the carpet against the wall, I opened the tube and stuff flew and fell out everywhere!! I realized, huh, maybe the bag needs to be changed, being I have never changed it!! It did get changed about a year and a half ago but I didn't do it. Paige did! I opened the vacuum and the bag was so full it was about to burst!
So today I had a "first". I changed the vacuum cleaner bag!! It was rather easy and even a little fun to know it was clean and fresh in there. Boy, did my vacuum work good after that!!
So if you are needing a little extra suck from your vacuum cleaner you might want to try changing the bag! It worked!

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Hero!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! My dad is my hero!! I celebrate him!
I can remember my dad rocking me to sleep everynight until I was about 12 (just kidding, really about 6). After my mom washed my hair I used to sit with my dad and he would blow dry and brush my hair. He did it way more gentle than Mom. And now Malaya's favorite person to blowdry and brush her hair is Grampy!! I remember watching in awe as a little girl as we watched "Jesus of Nazareth" and looking back at my dad as tears fell down his face when Christ was crucified. I remember going to and watching numerous Astros games. I remember Dad recording us as kids talking, singing, singing the books of the Bible on audio cassettes. I remember when Dad bought me a wrist corsage to wear to my piano recital. I still to this day have that corsage. I remember Dad's spankings always followed with an "I love you". I remember working in the garden with Dad pulling vegetables and helping him "dig". I remember helping Dad clean the church building. I remember as Dad would lead Bible studies at church and as people would accept Jesus as their Lord b/c of Dad's example and teaching.
I remember when Dad decided to answer the Lord's calling to become a minister/teacher/mentor and we moved to Crockett. I remember being so proud of him as he would get up to preach each Sunday. I remember our Thursday night Bible Studies and again as more people came to know Jesus through his teaching. I remember him picking me up from school in a pick up truck with a huge rust hole in the middle of it. And I could here Dad coming as I was sitting in my last class:) I remember Dad's teasing about my first "boyfriend", Chad Reminakjsdhfakjsdhlf (I never could spell his last name:) I remember going to visit elderly people from church with Dad and love getting to watch as he handed Jesus' compassion and love and respect to them. I remember when I walked down the aisle to be baptized and my dad reached his hand out to me. I remember looking into his eyes as he was about to baptize me and feeling his love and fatherly pride. I remember when a boy hugged me a little too long in front of my dad and I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack and his eyes pop out of his head:)
I remember getting my first real boyfriends. One became known as "The Dude". It didn't take boyfriends long to respect my dad and to become familiar with "Dad's chair". I remember picking out my first car with Dad. I remember when Dad spoke at my 5A high school's Baccalaureate and I remember being so proud of him.
I remember when Dad took me to college day. I was so nervous but felt so "taken care of" by my dad. I remember when Dad and Mom took me to ACU to stay. I loved hearing Dad pray over me as they were leaving me.
I remember when David asked Dad if he could marry me. Dad said yes and asked one thing of David. He said, "Her mom and I have protected her heart from the minute she was born and now I ask that you do the same." I remember Dad walking me down the aisle and performing the most beautiful marriage ceremony I have ever seen. I felt so blessed to have him play that part in my day. I remember the night before Malaya was born and him calling the family around me and he led our family in prayer as we welcomed in the next generation. I remember the joy he radiated as he became "Grampy". And again, a few hours after Malaya was born he had everyone circle around in our hospital room as we rejoiced and lifted up a prayer of joy and gratitude for Malaya's safe arrival. I remember that Dad could put Malaya to sleep like no one else.
I remember as our familiy went through an extremely rough year. And as that year evolved Dad still remained strong, confident, and Godly. He never lowered himself or gave up his convictions to suit others. He held his integrity. He held his boldness. He held his devotion to a committed situation even though it stunk. He held our family together and encouraged us even though he was the one being attacked and treated in ungodly ways. I watched on Jan. 9th in utmost admiration and respect as he held his honor and composure in a situation that seemed hopeless, pitiful and sick. He was my mom's rock and our family's rock during that storm in our lives. And Christ still redeemed our family through grace.
I remember as people from Decatur started calling Dad. I was thrilled when Dad accepted the job there. I love watching the people there love on my parents, listen in respect to his teaching, accept him as a man of God, and encourage him.

Thanks Dad for being you! Thanks for your guidance, your discipline, your countless prayers over us three kids, your love for our mom, your devotion, your loyalty, your encouragement, your leadership, your forgiveness, your wisdom, your example of Jesus, you being a student of God's word, your committment to ministry, your example of friendship, your untradable "Grampy-ness", and your testimony of a life of faith. The people that you have blessed, encouraged, brought to know the Lord, and led into deeper relationship with the Lord are countless!!

I love you, Dad and we celebrate your life!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I've also been tagged!!

I have also been tagged.......
First Memory: I know this is sad but truly the first true memoryI have was when I almost drowned when I was 3. I have mental images of being in the hospital and talking to my 'B' on the phone!
First Kiss: First real one was....... I can't share. There are people that read this that know him to this day. Way too embarrassing.
First Concert: Acapella
First Love: My mom and my 'B'
First thing I think in the Morning: "NOT YET"
First Book I remember loving: Go, Dog Go!
First Pet: Roxy (I just remember her throwing up a lot!
First Question when I get to Heaven: OOOH! I am sure you all know what that will be: Why didn't he give me more babies! (People always say we won't care when we get there so maybe I won't ask that but my more humanly self wants to ask that:)
First word I think of for Vacation: Fun
First Best Friend: Devin Picha
Last Time I dressed up: Wednesday night church (That's about as good as it gets:) I will be getting dressed up today.
Last thing I ate: Sausage Biscuit from McDonald's
Last CD I bought: Jesse McCartney
Last time I cried: Stupid me watched Baby Story this past week. Not smart.
Last time I told someone I loved them: Through gritted teeth to my husband on the phone a few minutes ago after him telling me that he won't be back to the hotel for a few more hours:(
Last really fun thing I did: Sitting on a hotel bed eating Subway sandwiches with David and Malaya at 9:00 last night.
Last thing I watched on TV: Angels and Yankees game
Last Halloween Costume: Little Bo Peep
Last Concert- Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, and Stephen Curtis Chapman, awesome concert (Thanks Jeff and Valerie:)
Okay... I tag Dad, Mom, and Melanie and anyone else who reads!! (Just copy and paste)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wedding Weekend

Tomorrow we head down to Houston to be a part of the ceremonies for David's sister, Mandy. Malaya is a flowergirl and David is a groomsmen. I am so happy for Mandy! She is marrying a wonderful Christian man. He loves the Lord which shows in choices he makes and in the way he lives his life. For all you ACUer's he is from Rotan, outside of Abilene! Mandy is an unbelievably funny, loyal person. It will be fun to watch their marriage begin. David and I spent our first few years (and maybe still) finding out the most "interesting" things about each other!

Blessings to Mandy and Jace. It's gonna' be fun!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Heaven vs. Daytime T.V.

Okay, yeah, I am going there--

I really enjoy my 2:00 to 3:00 hour every day. If I miss a day I read the recaps on the website or I call my fellow watcher for an even better update. There is something about watching a soap opera that makes you feel so much better about your life. My life surely could never be that bad! There is no way I can grow up with pycho parents, not know who my daddy is, be stalked when I get to college by a nut case, be a victim of many sinful endeavors, sleep with every man in my town, have a few of their babies but yet not know who the father is b/c I "fell in love" with each one but the relationships only lasts a week, possibly lose the baby but then find out the next month I am pregnant again(with a different man) after being told I would never have children again, work just several hours a day, have romantic evenings of candles, bubbles, and wine, be shot by the mob a thousand times but never die, be beautifully make-uped everyday and even wake up in the mornings looking fresh and ready to go to a party, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda............

It is so unreal that it makes it great! I am an avid watcher of GH. It has history and it wins many many yearly awards (my dad right now is gagging)!
2-3 used to be Malaya's cartoon watching hour, but since she can not watch cartoons any more it is her own "special" time in her room to play, dance to music, or whatever as long as she doesn't talk to me..JUST KIDDING!!

I end with a very serious question--

Can you be a Soap Opera watcher and still go to heaven??

Just kidding again.....You really don't need to answer the question...NO, really Dad, you don't have to answer that...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lyrics to Take Me To God:)

It's all about You, Jesus!
And all this is for You.
For your glory and your fame.
It's NOT about me,
As if you should do things my way.
You alone are God,
And I surrender,
To your ways!

Jesus, Lover of my soul.
All consuming fire is in your gaze.
Jesus, I want you to know,
That I will follow you for all my days.
For no one else in history is like,
For history itself belongs to you.
Alpha and Omega, You have loved me.
And I will share eternity with you.

Wow! I love the lyris to "Passion" songs. I was able to spend a few hours by myself and boy, was I blessed by that time. It makes me giggle b/c sometimes when David and Malaya are gone, I turn on Passion or Nichole Nordeman and I mean I bust it. I dance, (Yes, friends and family I truly do but just when I am alone!) I sing, I pray, I worship........ I imagine that I am singing before His throne, at MY savior's feet. Man, how time stands still. How that during that moment of absorbed worship, truly NOTHING else matters.
Thanks to God that he gifted people with the gift of writing songs and music.

It truly is ALL about HIM!

Have a great Sunday and a fresh new October:)