Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fun Family Time

We decided this afternoon to go check out Grapevine Lake. We have never been out there before!! We had a great time!! We did some hiking, fishing and lot's of laughing. (Our laughs are mostly when one of us falls or trips or something. I know it's weird. We owe this to Grammy.:)

Here some pics from our day.

Malaya LOVES to climb. She is quite adventurous in nature. She climbed this cliff in the pic on the left. I skipped out on that adventure!

I love this picture. They were in deep conversation about "influence".
Malaya has always been into ladybugs. It was her "pet" for the day. By the way, that is cranberry juice/dirt on her lip not facial hair:)

No, this is not Jesus walking on water!! :) He is standing on a rock but I thought it looked pretty neat!

We had a great day!! We will be going out there again soon for some more memories!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Highlights of the week

As I said in the earlier post David and Malaya went to their very first Daddy/Daughter dance. I picked Malaya up early from school to go to Sweet N Sassy to get her hair and nails done. We met some of our friends there that were also going to the dance. We weren't too sure about their picks of hair styles but it was their night!! So we decided this was not a battle either of us mom's were going to fight. This friend, Ryleigh, and Malaya have dreamed up that they are going to open a store one day called Sassy Trends. They have drawn up their designs and everything so keep your eyes open for this great store in about 15 years:)

They had a great time! Then we boogied home to get dressed and ready to go. Here are some pics from the evening. David was so good to capture the evening for me. He kept me updated through text messages all evening.

They enjoyed a carriage ride, a limo ride, LOTS of dancing, and great daddy/daughter time. I was so excited for them! This will be a life long memory for Malaya.

I also got to enjoy dinner with my college roomies. Man, these girls always amaze me with their spiritual depth, their passions and the way they can make me laugh! We have some great memories together! It was so great to catch up with them!

From left to right - Summer, me of course :), Holly, and Kayla. Kayla is expecting her first baby in April! So, we are all wives and mommies! I LOVE these girls. Thanks Kayla for flying in to have dinner with us!! I LOVED catching up with you! Can't wait to meet Baby Cansler!!

To wrap up my highlights - Valentine's Day. I got home very late from dinner with my roomies. I came home to a rose on the floor at the front door. It had a note on top of it that led me on a scavenger hunt around the house to find a total of 12 roses!! The last one was yellow from Malaya. So fun!! The next morning started with breakfast in bed fixed by David and Malaya (Waffles and kolaches, b/c Malaya knew those were my 2 favs!). Then starting at 7 am, I began getting "love" emails at the top of each hour all day. It made my day!!

Malaya's Valentine's Party was yesterday. I was going to blog some pics of her and some friends but not so sure how legal that is???? (to post other kids, especially when I don't know them well! ) Who knows! I will be safe! So here is a pic of my "precious one", that's what Malaya means in Hawaiian, don't know if I have shared that before:)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

1st Valentine's

Well, Malaya got her first Valentine yesterday ( not one that was given as a group). Here is the contents of the Valentine's:
"You have really nice hair. You are so so so so sweet.
drawing of 2 hearts

To: Malaya
happy Valentine's Day"

Gratefully, Malaya thought it was a really nice thing for a friend to do.
Hopefully, things will stay this innocent until she is about 30:)

David asked another lady on a date Friday night - Malaya! He took her to their first Father/Daughter dance. More details and pics on that to come. They had a blast. I know Malaya will remember it forever! He made her feel very special!!
Happy early Valentine's day!!