Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Vacation

Well, we are still recovering from our family vacation. Our family added 2 additions this past year so vacation was SOOO much more exciting. A stomach bug got passed around a bit especially for Josh and Kayci. I missed getting to hang out with them more. Here are quite a few pics of some of our favorite memories.

As soon as we got there we all jumped in the lake. It took us a while to get Malaya in. The idea of swimming with snakes and fish was not appealing to her. We got this picture and she did not stay in too much longer!

We had a huge deck. We had dinner each night on the deck. This was the sunset the first night! So beautiful and of course an even beautiful site is the little girl posing in front! God created the perfect backdrop!

Grampy and Grammy with their grandkiddos.

Two of my loves!

The one of 2 days I actually put make up on:)
The three Ross cousins!

One day David had the greatest idea to go to an Orchard to pick strawberries, blueberries, figs, etc. Well, the orchard was deserted. We were the only ones there. No workers, no other visitors, NOTHING, NOBODY!! BUT... we still had fun. We found a few berries that were alive and we got a few tomatoes. Malaya and Jed enjoyed just walking around. It was TOASTING hot so most of the fam spent time under the shade. On top of the heat, when it was time to leave I realized (out of my excitement to be there) that I had locked my keys in the truck. My "can do anything", sexy hubbie, was able to open the sliding door on the back of the truck and we got in!! I LOVE HIM!!

The Chillin Trio

Well, Malaya rode on the boat for about 2 minutes. She was the flag raiser for when someone fell off the inner tube. She did it a couple of times until she started claiming that she was "seasick". I had another picture that did show Malaya's face but it also showed a little more of David than the blog world needs to see;) So this will be my blog memory of Malaya on the boat.

Some inner tube fun! This was my favorite day!! I got thrown around like a ragdoll back there but it was so much fun! I have bruises and cuts to prove my determined self! Every muscle in my body hurt for a few days.

Jenn and I had a great time. (Kayci was sick this day. :(
Dad and Josh

The Ross children decided to take a ride together! I laughed so hard! They graciously gave me the middle. I can say I was the last one off. Ha!

Jed wasn't too sure about the ride. I think next year he will be a pro.

David got Jed and Truitt matching, reversible Astros hats. Mom also got them matching shirts. Aren't they handsome boys!

Josh teaching his son the important things of life early on...

On the last day, Malaya went fishing and as soon as she put the pole in she caught a catfish. That would be in the exact same spot that we had been swimming all week. No wonder she didn't want to swim:) We were very proud of her catch but after that one fish she was done :)

I love you, Kayci! Next year you will be back in the saddle to play again!!!;)

We had a great vacation. I loved getting to love on my nephews. They are both so precious!
We have some great memories and I look forward to next year's also.

I am sad summer is almost over:( Hopefully some great 2nd grade memories are coming!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Fun

Okay, so the gift of a new blog header has inspired me to update, if I even have any readers left. Don't you love the header???? If you are interested in knowing who took those great pictures, email me and I will brag on her gift! :)
This summer has been so wonderful!! Here are a few highlights.

Malaya and I have done tons of swimming and hence the picture that reflects most of our comings and goings this summer. When I just downloaded my pictures, this one came up along with a few others. Not quite sure who I am talking to, but I sure seem intense!
Malaya got to attend 3 VBS's this summer! She had so much fun at all of them!! Here is her and a friend at the LCC Marketplace.

David and I celebrated 9 years of marriage last month! He is such a hottie and gets more and more so each year! Malaya adores him! He has been working his tail off this summer but God has really blessed his business. It is growing!!!! YAY!!

Jen and Jed came and spent a few days up here and we spent a day at the zoo. Malaya loves Jed so much. He is such a fun kid!!

More highlights that lack pictures:

We got to go see John Mayer in concert. We had a great time with friends and the concert was amazing. John Mayer is such a fabulous musician. I now own each of his cd's. :)

I have gotten to lead a bible study on Wednesday mornings. I don't know all of the people very well but it has been such a gift to get to know these women in a spiritual sense b/c that is our genuine essence.

Malaya and I went and registered for second grade today. I can not believe I am a mother of a second grader!! She is so precious to me. I am really going to miss her when school starts:(

And now for the biggest highlight of this summer.......

THE PREMIERE OF HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!! I think even more than Malaya!! And now I am going to close this blog to watch them on the View!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!