Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yep-She's 7

I can not believe it! I am the mother of a seven year old. The joy she has brought me is indescribable. She is a "precious one". As I prayed over her at bedtime tonight, fresh, new prayers were being put on my heart. I love this little girl beyond all understanding. Praise God for her birth, life and eternal existence. My life is forever changed b/c of the events of this day, 7 years ago! I love you, little Biz!!
Malaya's school took a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum. Mom and I went along for the fun! They had a class and learned about the metamorphisis of a butterfly. Here is Malaya demonstrating the stages. Feel free to use these pics for your children's learning pleasure:)
They also put on wings after they came out of their 'cocoon' but Malaya would not be still enought for me to get a good pic.
Fun b-day pics-
David went and got donuts for our birthday, breakfast in bed. Malaya got new goggles for this upcoming swimming season:)

Emaline and I took Malaya Mc Donald's for lunch today!
For some reason Malaya decided to revert back to being 1 and ate her molten cake and ice cream with her hands. What kind of mother would I be to stop her:)
Fun family game time ahead!
This day 7 years ago, God placed in my hands a little girl. A new perspective into heaven became a little more visible that day. I look forward to this 7th year of her life and seeing more of Him through her.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter fun!

We had a great Easter weekend. We built up to today and tried to think through the week as what Jesus would have been doing each day a little less than 2000 years ago. We got to spend some time with great friends at LCC. Rhonda did (as always) a great job with the Easter Eggstravaganza. Malaya had a blast getting to catch up with all her LCC friends. We got to have a celebration of Jesus' resurrection last night. We got to worship with my parents and grandmother with the Christians at Decatur. That was a blessing to be there with them today!
Dying Easter eggs last night was fun. We "marbelized" them this year.
My prissy almost 7 year old! (B-day will happen on Tuesday. Pray for me:)

Man, I have a good lookin Husband!!! And a beautiful daughter! WOW!!

My precious mom has made this cake every Easter since I was a little girl. It gets yummier every year! Thanks mom for making it again!
Malaya's mouth is full of a roll but we thought her smile was too cute with these chipmuck cheeks!
We had a great day! The Savior of men and Lord of our hearts ROSE AND IS LIVING!! Still blows my mind!!
Have a great week!!

Philly and New York

We have had a fast and furious last few weeks! I had the HUGE blessing of traveling with KidStand to Philadelphia last weekend. Jessie taught 4 workshops and we put on a rally on Friday night. It was neat to see the Lord work through the rally and see people get pumped up to teach kids about Jesus. The workshop got finished Saturday afternoon and we had a few hours to do some "sight seeing". We decided to be very spontaneous and we took a train into New York! This WILL go down as one of the highlights of my life. It was all so overwhelming and just like the movies. I tried sushi for the first time ever and probably will not be eating it again:) Here is Jess leading the adults and a few kids in worship. This was an interactive workshop to teach children's leaders some motions to children's songs! We had a blast!
On the train to New York! (Man, sitting between these 2 I desperately need a tan and some highlights :)I made a great new friend, Susan Gray on the right. She challenged me spiritually in some major ways. She is a worship leader and has a praise and worship CD out. I loved getting to know her. And then of course Jessie is on the left. I praise God for her friendship this past year. She has taught me so much and is faithful in prayer and seeking God's will for her. Talk about using her talents for God! I love these friends! My first sushi experience!When we walked up stairs from the train station this was my sight! I was just in awe!! New York is an interesting city. I saw some things that I have never seen and probably will never see again! We definitely were not in Texas anymore:)