Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Papa

Yesterday was one of those days that your rational mind always knew would come but your heart never thought it would. My Papa's flesh died yesterday. I have been trying hard to remind myself that only his flesh is gone. He is with Jesus, exactly where is desired to be for the past few years. He has told us all on numerous occasions that he was ready to go! Papa will be missed by so many. He was such a kind, witty man. Yesterday, before they could even get his body out the door, the neighbors were packed in the front yard wondering what had happened to Billie. One man immediately started mowing his yard, people brought food over all day and there was not a minute of the day that there was not a visitor over telling my grandmother how much they loved him. There are so many wonderful things about Papa. I have shared before, the majority of my childhood memories are with my B and Papa. I could have lived at their house when I was little if my parents had let me. They spoiled me rotten! But most importantly, Papa and B began a faith foundation for our family for generations to come. Because of their faith and devtion to Jesus, I have faith... and Papa's favorite day of the week was his "visiting day" when he and another elder would go around visit people that didn't know Jesus. He put together a revival 2 years ago in Crockett, Texas where many people came to Jesus.

Our family will not be the same without him. Please pray for my grandmother. They were married almost 59 years!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm sure I have no readers left...but I have to shout out for Malaya's birthday! My daughter turns 8 YEARS OLD today!!! 8 years ago right now I was in a deep sleep, after recieving the greatest gift known to women (an epidural), while my labor increased with petocin. At 3:00, a nurse came in and told me it was time to push!! I was a little shocked but I was ready to have this baby in my arms. At 4:20 pm on a Monday afternoon, my life changed forever!!! I wish I had documented more of my feelings and how I felt b/c I had no clue that I wouldn't experience those heavenly feelings again, and for all you optimist out there, at least for a very long time!! Only God knows...
I was in pretty bad shape after giving birth to an 8 lb. 12 oz. baby (I know babies that have been born much bigger but for us Rosses this was a BIG baby!) so I didn't get to hold her for about an hour. I remember hearing her scream and cry and my Mom went straight to her and talked to her the whole time. My sweet hubby didn't leave my side. Malaya nursed really well but sleep..not so much!! And still to this day, she requires very little sleep, unlike her momma!! :)
I never knew what a joy being a mommy would be. Last week my parents and I were getting out Malaya's baby clothes to give to my niece that will be here in June!! and as I looked at those clothes every outfit brought back memories. And then to think to the present to her playing basketball, being in 2nd grade, talking on the phone, doing power point presentations at school!! How did we get 8 years later??!! I took everything super serious as a mom. I was telling Malaya last night that everyone would laugh at me b/c when you were just weeks old, I would rock you and read the bible to you. It did feel kind of silly but oh well, I had fun. And now you are eight and you read the bible each morning on your own. It seems surreal!!
I know all of us mommies hear all the time that they grow up so fast but let me just say these past 8 years have flown!!! I have grown closer to my Lord b/c of Malaya's existence. She has taught me about joy, love, laughter, and bizaillion's of other things. And I have loved getting to know God better with her. We have walked 8 years of life together.
I am so proud of her!!!
If you get a chance after reading this blog, will you just say a quick prayer over Malaya and her next year of life--that she will continue to have a hunger for God's word, that she will have a deepening desire to have relationship with Jesus, that she will be bold in her faith and continue to witness to kids at school, that she will have a devotion to Jesus and his calling and she will commit to living her life for Him! Thank you so much!!
And Malaya, precious one, Happy Birthday! You are such a treasure. I cannot imagine my life without being your mom!!! I love you the most:)