Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stalking Thought

At a conference I went to a couple of weekends ago the key speaker kept saying a quote over and over that is stalking me.
"God loves it when people speak well of His Son."
I love that!! What Father doesn't want accolades and encouragements and praises and positive talk about their children. What Father doesn't love it when others even think to simply just talk to others about his children and let others know how much they love and appreciate his children.

The gift of Jesus is so miraculous and so praiseworthy why am I so stinkin' timid and sometimes even unthoughtful about talking to others about Him. Not in a presuasive, convincing way but just sharing in conversation about what Jesus' blood has done for me, how it daily transforms me, how He has forgiven me, how it seems so superntaural yet you can literally feel His activity in Your life.
Sometimes I just want to slap myself:) A new friend of mine is constantly telling me and others that this message that Jesus has annointed us to tell is URGENT!! Some people literally can not live another day without knowing Jesus. They will die of loss of hope, they will die of feelings of destruction, etc. Sometimes there is time to build relationships and gain people's trust before we need to share but sometimes it is URGENT! It is life or death.

I say these words empty b/c I have not acted on them more than I can count on one hand but I feel in a way that God is speaking to my heart and saying "Get with it daughter." "Are you who you say you are?" "There is work to be done."
My frustration comes because I don't know where to begin so yesterday I started praying that I want God to kill Jenny Bizaillion and Him just do it in me. I felt kind of relieved after that saying the words b/c it took the pressure off of myself. But now will I truly die and let Him do what He will do???
That is the question!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Where has the time gone??

SIX years ago today I gained the title of "Mommy". I would have never dreamed in a million years how much I would love being a mom.
This day six years ago, I experienced a joy and a love and a protection that I didn't even know existed. I don't think I stopped staring at her for months. The minute she was born she exuberated "Bizaillion". She looked just like her daddy and still does:) I used to love to sit and sing her the ABC's even though she was only a few days old:) I loved dressing her up in cute clothes. I loved reading to her and sleeping with her:) Every age and stage has had it's joys and it's frustrations. I look back now and I already see things that I could have done so much better but praise God that he can clean all that up:)
Malaya has also become one of my closest friends. I love hanging out with her-shopping, going out to eat just the two of us, singing together, reading her books, working puzzles, making up skits together, and watching movies with her. I love talking to her about life and about things in her 6 year old. I love watching her worship God and hear her in the bath tub bust out the praise to her Creator:) I love it when I lay down with her at night and she puts her hand on my cheek. I love singing her to sleep and I love hearing her pray. It is so interesting the things that a six year old has to share with God. It has definitely caused for some late night giggles between me and David. She loves hanging out with her Grammy and Grampy and uncles and aunts and cousins. She loves playing big sister to all the younger kids at church:)
I never would have imagined that being a mom would teach me how to be more like Jesus but it does. She challenges me on my thinking, on my patience:), on my committments, etc.
Malaya has blessed our lives in a bizaillion more ways. I truly can not imagine my life without her in it!
We celebrate you today, Malaya! It is the biggest blessing in my life to be your mom. I can not wait to see what the Lord is going to do through you, my precious daughter! I love you!

Happy Birthday to our special friends who celebrate birthdays close to us:
Matthew who turned 5 yesterday!
And Ashlyn who turns 5 today!
Bizaillion's wish you both a Happy Birthday!