Monday, November 12, 2007

Better Late Than Never

So Halloween was 2 weeks ago but here are some fun memories from our day. Malaya had a field trip and my mom came along. IT was a lot of fun! Here they are on the bus on the way out there.
So you will not get this if you have never seen the Hannah Montana show but Malaya's great friend, Ryleigh was Hannah Montana and Malaya was Hannah's sidekick, Lola. They were so cute and really played up their roles. We had trunk or treat at church and so fittingly, our truck had a Hannah theme. We had a hula dance off!

Here's me and Jessie. She was of course, Candi Cotton and I was Candi's friend, Brandi. We had so much fun!

The fam...
We had a great time with our church family and having fun with people from the community.
Great memories!!