Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just some stuff...

I have gotten really bad with this blogger thing. I am sitting here with my hub and daughter watching a movie we have seen a billion times so I thought I can blog and still "be with the family". :)
Here is 13 things I have experienced/learned the past few weeks:
1. God offers us such undescribable peace if we just accept it.
2. Romance truly does exist and it's fun!! (even it is help from a silly book) No comments here, family.
3. Daily, devoted, heart pouring and open prayer TRULY does change my life.
4. Malaya learned her first "cuss"word at school. Thank goodness she is still at an age she isn't scared to ask us about it and we could tell her what it means. No, I am not telling you what the word is:)
5. I am obsessed with doing laundry.
6. I said last year in a blog that "all I have to do is be still and let God do the work on me." Though I still find this to be true sometimes, I do not believe this is true for a lifetime. I believe there will be seasons that I can rest in God's peace but there are times that takes some activity on my part. Sorry, if I misled anyone. Maybe I should add a disclaimer to my blog stating that the contents in my blog are not always factual and are J. Biz's seasonal opinions based on her growth! That's a mouthful!
7. I am a LITTLE dog person:)
8. I do not know how to style hair. I know some of you are thinking, "she is just now realizing this???" . I really do not know how!! That is why 98% of the time you will see me with my hair up. The little I do know how to style my hair, I am too lazy to spend the 2 hours getting it "right"!
9. I think about bad things happening to my family too much. Too much of a worrier!
10. Working out releases major chemicals in my body. Days I don't work out I feel depressed, sluggish, lazy, and ready to check out of life. Days I do, I have energy, joy, endurance! It's amazing the way God made our bodies!
11. I LOVE the music of John Mayer. I got a CD from my brother and sister in law for Christmas and I am hooked. I love his sound and that he writes his own stuff (that's a big deal to me!)
12. I have a desire to travel more!
13. David and I volunteered together for malaya's class last week. He worked with them on Math and I worked on Reading. David was a big hit. I think having a dad up there was unique and some of the little boys really hooked on to him.

I leave you with a quote that I love.
"If our petitions are in accordance with His will, and if we seek His glory in the asking, the answers will come in ways that will astonish us and fill our hearts with songs of thanksgiving." J.K. Maclean
"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

Blessings to you, blog readers!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Okay, so I'm a HORRIBLE blogger...

Everything got a little out of order so just go with it please!! My computer has been a whip tonight!! Sometimes technology is my biggest enemy!!

I know this is very dark!! But... I must share this!! I was doing dishes tonight when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to this which if you look closely you can see a heart made by Hershey's kisses and 2 roses in the middle!! The hershey's kisses continued on in a path that led out to our driveway, around the cars, down the sidewalk, and up the path to our neighbor's porch ( no one has lived there for a few months. As I turned towards their front door there stood my incredibly hot husband with a rose in his mouth (if your husbands are my hubbie's friends please no teasing;) and he asked if he could "kiss me" and of course I said YES!! I love him!! This was so much fun!! (The funny thing is I thought David was in the office working the whole time so I never knew he snuck out!)

Malaya giving me some beautiful earrings!! You also see here Mom and Dad's new dog that is getting a lot of talk lately. There's little Molly!

(This was my opening paragraph to this blog before everything got messed up) Sorry readers for the confusion!
But I do have some fun (at least to me:) stuff to share. Here are some fun Christmas memories. We celebrated with the Biz's down in Kerrville this year. It is so beautiful down there. We stayed in David's great aunt's ranch house. Malaya got to feed deer out of her hand. The antelope roam freely ( sounds like a song:). All the kids went out in the morning to have all this fun while I helped make breakfast so there are no pics. Bummer...

Here is Malaya and 2 of her cousins, Chloe and Annette. They are the closest in age of all the cousins.

To the right is David's youngest sister, Mandy and her husband, Jace. We love them!!

This picture makes me laugh!! This is David's oldest sister, Dina, her hubby, Mark and BABY KATLYN, who just got her first taste of a lemon. Dina is laughing one of those laughs as if she can't believe she just did that and Mark is coming over to the rescue to help his tortured daughter:) We love these guys!! Constant laughs!!

Here is Malaya on Christmas Eve night with her letter to Santa and her plate of cookies and an apple b/c our Santa is pretty health conscious:) Somehow in true Bizaillion fashion-it has become a tradition to leave Santa a chewed piece of gum so if you look close you will see that disgusting eye sore:)

My Mom and Dad spent the night with us on Christmas Eve so Mom and Malaya slept on the blow up mattress in the office so they wouldn't see or hear Santa;) Here's the eager girl on Christmas morning. We wouldn't let her come out till everyone had their teeth brushed (now that's a Ross thing;)

Though we have not done "official" Christmas with my fam yet (yes, you heard that correctly but we are still Christmassing it this weekend:) . Malaya and Jed did open up some gifts that Santa left at "Grammy and Grampy's" house. And they opened up most of their gifts over there. They had a great time.

Here is my precious 6 and a HALF, which she will make sure and tell you!! She got this new robe from Grammy and Grampy for Christmas. She wanted me to put her hair up like I do so here we are. She looks WAY to big!

Hope you all had a great holiday! I will have more fun to share I am sure after this weekend! Blessings!!