Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things we loved about having Jed with us this weekend (and Jonathan and Jennifer too:):

1. We loved watching him turnover on his left side. It made him very angry but it was great entertainment:)
2. We loved sitting on the floor and watching him coo and talk.
3. He knows how to copy the "O" sound. Especially when Jonathan does it. I am sure he is going to be a great singer!
4. Malaya loved holding him (as you can see!)
5. I LOVED putting him to sleep and as you can see he put me to sleep also!! I fell asleep 3 different times holding him!! This pic was during a Matthew McConaughey movie!! There is really nothing more peaceful than holding a sleeping baby! You can tell by the hair that it was a gradual falling asleep as I gradually slid down the chair:)
6. We loved watching him smile.
7. I loved watching him recognize his mama.
8. I enjoyed visiting with Jennifer. We had a great few days together!
9. I enjoyed hanging out with Jonathan. He makes me laugh so hard! Even though he loves making fun of me, it still makes me laugh!
10. I loved watching him take a bath. He loved it!
11. I loved the way it killed Malaya that she had to be quiet so much!! She and I have laughed about it!
12. I loved hearing Malaya laugh at his gas. And he had a LOT and they did NOT sound like baby tooties:)
13. We love our little nephew. Jonathan and Jennifer are great parents! Thanks for spending some time with us! I am so glad Mom and Dad were out of town:):)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I love about San Antonio: (so you're sick of hearing about San Antonio from me, sorry:)

1.Mexican food
2. Fun music (which we bought a CD of a band playing in the Market if anyone wants to borrow and pretend they are there:)
3. the Riverwalk
4. The Riverwalk mall
5. The Market
6. being with my husband on the Riverwalk at night
7. the hotels on the riverwalk
8. the Alamo (I love the history of that place)
9. snowcones by the Alamo
10. fun shops
11. boat rides on the river
12. Sea World
13. the trollies

I wish I were going there again tomorrow! Love that place! :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One more update...

I ran out of room I guess on that last blog b/c it wouldn't let me post another pic!! So please read that one first and read about Malaya!!

I am LOVING doing the work for KidStand. It has been such a blessing to me. Here is a pic of Jessie and 2 of her dancers. We were at a Back To School event in Cleburne. It was a lot of fun. It was great for Malaya and Jessie's daughter to get to experience a different culture and how they praise God. We were all rapping to Jesus by the end of the night:)

Jessie is such a talented woman who is ON FIRE for the Lord. Her passion amazed me. She is determined and confident of her mission. She has such a huge heart for children and their love for Jesus. She has been such an example to me and to my faith. I love working with her but I am also grateful for her friendship. She seeks the Lord daily and his will for her and doesn't mind challenging the Lord to use her:) Pray for her as she leaves for Africa in a couple of weeks to minister to the kids there for 10n days!

Check our our website www.kidstand .org

Let me know if I can get you a CD!! It is rockin'!!

I am loving being Malaya's mom. She makes me laugh, cry, smirk, and many other things. She is growing up soooo fast. I love being David's wife. He makes me laugh, cry, smirk and many other things too! :):):) I love being a daughter of the King! He makes me laugh, cry, smirk, and many, many other things! :):) Blessings on all of you, my friends!!

Bizaillion Family Updates!

It has been a long time since I have updated just about what is going on in our family! So here are a few recaps!

Malaya started FIRST grade!! (being the reason my blog is now named Malaya's mom and not Kindermommy! Malaya had me change it of course:) This is on the way to the first day of school! But thankfully we haven't seen this sad face since! She LOVES school! She has a great teacher who is fun, outgoing and really connects with Malaya. Malaya loves going to P.E., art, music and of course being a BIG kid and eating in the cafeteria. I am so glad God has blessed her with such a great environment to go to school! We are excited about the upcoming year!

Here is Malaya and Matthew and Ethan at Meet the Teacher night. Malaya loves having Matthew around school. They are just right across the hall from each other.

Here is Malaya with 2 of her great buddies. These girls are HUGE fans of the Winx club. (Visit to find out more:) We got to meet their fav character at the mall one day. Her name is Blum.

Malaya is losing teeth like crazy! She is now missing both of her 2 front teeth. She looks SOO cute. This pic was after her first front tooth came out. The second came out this weekend with Grammy.

David and I got to go on an anniversary trip to San Antonio this past weekend! We had a blast! He is my absolute FAVORITE person to hang out with! We had a great time visiting, developing parenting strategies:), eating TONS of Mexican food and lots of shopping. We stayed in a great hotel on the Riverwalk. I LOVE SAN ANTONIO. It is my fav vacation place. David and I went there on our honeymoon, 8 YEARS ago!!

David's floor business is going well. He now has a blog about floors. Check out the link to the right. He is working really hard. This past year has been challenging for our family in some ways but the Lord has been faithful (as always:). If you are ever in need of floor work or know someone who is please call us:)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen or Fourteen (better late than never:)

Thirteen Fun Things About this Past Week:

1) I got to see my new nephew, Jed, new niece, Katlyn, lots of other nices and nephews, brothers, BIL's and SIL's, and grandparents ALL in one weekend!! That was great!

2) Got home on Sunday night to my hubby who said that he was taking me out to eat because my b-day celebrations were going to begin early!!!!! :)

3) He took me to Joe's Crabshack! We ate outside (we always love to eat outside b/c it makes us feel like we are on vacation!

4) At dinner he slipped me an envelope with reservations for a surprise anniversary trip to San Antonio! My Fav place!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

5) Did some Mall shopping (got new earrings and a pair of new sunglasses) with hubby, BIL, and daughter.

6) Got taken to Sonic for ice cream by BIL.

7) Got taken to Razzoo's for some fried pickles!!! :) (via gift certificates)

8) Wednesday I was taken to lunch by some great new friends to Cheesecake Factory ( had appetizers, yummy entree AND cheesecake) . We got to have all our girls with us! Much fun!

9) Had a delivery of the BEST cupcakes EVER by another fab friend and family!!

10) Thursday, Had light lunch at Cheddar's to enjoy some queso and chips!!

11) Spent day at Six Flags with hubby and daughter. Very HOT but oh so fun!!

12) Enjoyed family and friend's b-day wishes through phone calls and emails and singing on answering machine (Thanks A.C.- just beautiful:)

13) Topped the week off with a dinner at Joe T. Garcias with hubby, daughter and Mom and Dad ( who made it possible for me to have a b-day. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

(14. (I'm not done yet so I am adding more!) Came home to gifts from hubby an daughter. Got to blow out candles and have cupcakes AND cake!

Okay--I confess and admit I am WAY SPOILED! It was such a great week! My hubby made me feel so special and loved!! Thanks friends and family! I went to bed thanking God for all of you and praying that the next 28 years will be His. And now I am posting this so that I can go work out...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pics of Katlyn!

BABY KATLYN!! Katlyn looks so much like her daddy! I was shocked! You can see her little strawberry kiss that developed about 2 weeks after her surgery right over her heart!
I got to watch her smile, cry, sleep, eat, and be taken care of by a house-full of loving famly members!

Just wanted everyone to see a visual image of a miracle (though all babies are:) But...Katlyn has many miracles that can be listed for her :)
Thanks again for all the prayers over her!